Interview with Finding Harmony + The Connie Diaries


A few weeks ago I was so excited to have come across the beautiful instagram account of Harmony, where she shares her passion for whole food cooking, waste management, gardening, composting, motherhood, and of course – almond milk making! Without sounding like a total creeper, I instantly fell in love with Harmony! It was like B1 had just met B2. She is everything I am all about! Continue reading

Girls Trip in Queensland!

Do you ever feel like you never get to miss your kids? Or even your husband? I guess working from home creates that for me. I’m always here at home with them, never able to miss them. What even is that feeling? But this wasn’t my only reason for making a girls weekend. What better than to catch up with a good friend and do some adventuring in a place you’ve dreamed of seeing! So there I was, a plane ticket, a packed bag, and on a mission to miss her family, find some independence and catch up with a girlfriend! Continue reading

Budgeting shake up

I’ve never been a budget person, let alone a numbers and maths person. I’ve always had the opinion of money comes and goes and not to take it so seriously. I have a strong passion against hating how much money controls the world and our lives to some degree, so I’ve never wanted to take it seriously. This was until I seen on the bank app my categorized spending and thought I’d have a look. Stupidly, I was funding the money controllers without even knowing it! Continue reading