The lonely road in parenthood

2 (of a person) having given up all hope; despairing
synonyms; defeated, beaten,vanquished, overpowered, overwhelmed, subdued, demoralised, crushed, dishonoured, ruined, crippled.

Mummy blogging isn’t something I personally like to expose myself with. It puts you on the line for judgement and opinions, and those things can make you feel like an even shittier parent than what you’re already feeling yourself. Like we need someone else to point that out for us right? I prefer to keep the positive vibes going, staying positive and battling through parenthood with my husband there to help me out. But the past weeks have seemingly grown tougher and tougher. Today, I’ve felt more broken than ever in parenting. Continue reading

Blue Mountains Adventure

Our first weekend away in our newly renovated caravan was to the Blue Mountains. A place where I was born and lived for the first five years of my life, a place where my parents grew up, a place where my Grandma (we call her Mama) still lives after 65years. We always love to get down and visit Mama when we can but always do a day trip seeing her with no time for exploring. So over the weekend, we camped in Mama’s backyard which backs onto bushland, and gave ourselves more time to get out and show the boys around the Blue Mountains. Continue reading

Tenalach Q&As

With the reveal of our much anticipated caravan renovation, we were absolutely blown away with the love and clicks to the blog received. It was a renovation that we were so proud of, and you guys just helped bring it home for us, that what we had achieved was incredible. A big thank you to all who shared their love!

As expected, there are questions asked about our caravan renovation, so I thought I would log them all here on the blog for future reference. Those wanting to know a thing or two about our personal reno, here’s where you can find the answers. Keep in mind this is just the way we did our renovation, it doesn’t make it the right way or the wrong way.  Continue reading

Tenalach : Take Two

The winter project that was completed before winter even began. We promised ourselves to take it slow, and do it bit by bit. It’s safe to say the excitement of our visions coming to life, bit by bit, was enough to motivate us and push this renovation to be completed sooner. Since ripping everything out of our caravan back in March, we have at times regretted doing it as we’ve missed being on the road and having our freedom on the weekends to just up and go as we please. But now that the renovation is complete and our visions are better than ever expected, we are so glad we decided to do the full demo now after having two horrible water leaks and an ants nest! It hasn’t been an easy renovation, we have certainly had our moments while doing it. I think its safe to say this renovation was far more stressful than our kitchen renovation haha! Continue reading

The Connie Diaries Does Byron Bay

Our much anticipated venture up the NSW East Coast to Byron Bay has been and gone, which was by far, the most incredible and soul cleansing experience I’ve ever had. The adventures we went on and the one of a kind experiences we all had were out of this world. I’m talking crystal clear fresh water creeks, pristine water falls, lush rain forests, stunning beaches and crystals the size of palm trees! We’ve all put our hands up to say it was the best trip we’ve been on and none of us were ready to come home! Continue reading