Serenity and adventure at Glenworth Valley

On our to see list has been the stunning Glenworth Valley, for their beautiful surrounding mountains, the misty mornings in valley, the sunsets at dawn, the fresh water steams that run all the way through the 3000 acre property, the running of the horses of an evening and did I mention the adventure options of horse riding, kayaking, laser skirmish,  abseiling and quad bikes?  Continue reading

The story behind our Landy

So long ago now, a whole eleven and a bit years ago when Mann and I started dating, I’d always be told the story of how Manns dad was a Land Rover mechanic for over 30 years. Mann would tell me stories about all the old land rovers that his dad would work on at the work shop, and how he would always go through his Dads tool chest and play with all the tools his Dad would use to fix them. It’s a sentimental memory for Mann, it’s something he adores about his childhood and who his father was. Continue reading