The Connie Diaries Does Byron Bay

Our much anticipated venture up the NSW East Coast to Byron Bay has been and gone, which was by far, the most incredible and soul cleansing experience I’ve ever had. The adventures we went on and the one of a kind experiences we all had were out of this world. I’m talking crystal clear fresh water creeks, pristine water falls, lush rain forests, stunning beaches and crystals the size of palm trees! We’ve all put our hands up to say it was the best trip we’ve been on and none of us were ready to come home! Continue reading

JORD Wood Watches. The timeless piece for my husband.

This month I’ve been lucky enough to team up with JORD Watches, an american label specialising in natural wooden watches. I especially picked one out just for my husband, because when looking through their online store, all I could see was one on his arm. They looked exactly like something he would love. And boy was I right!

I always am stumped at special occasions with what to buy my husband. Every birthday, fathers day, Christmas, Valentines Day, I always find myself thinking ahead months in advance, trying to come up with something he will love. If only I’d heard about JORD watches before! Because he is utterly in love with their watches. Continue reading

Soul Medicine

So you’re all fully aware of my new found love of life and what’s helped me to get there. All the different methods and rituals I’ve been trying, all the practices I’ve been learning a long the way. For many of you, it’s left you curious and wanting to learn more yourselves, so you too can be the best version of yourself. And not just for you, but for the people around you. So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt so far, the tools I’ve used to start my new found path and my personal recommendations on getting started.  Continue reading

Our holiday to do list

Last Summer I put my whole self into getting back to basics and finding myself again. It was something I needed to do for  the boys, my husband and myself. I’d literally been so drained and consumed by my mothers dramas and acheing for her that I’d lost sight of who I was and became this shell of myself. I was here, but I wasn’t here. I took back control of my life and for the past twelve months I’ve been focusing on myself first and foremost. It scares me to think how I would be and who I would be, if I never did make these changes. Continue reading

Our Kitchen Renovation | Part Two

Early July 2016 is when it all began. The walls were taken out, load bearing beams were installed and our plan was under way to create our dream kitchen. A space that was nothing but a box with an extremely outdated kitchen would become an open living space for the whole family to live and entertain in. Sounds easy enough right? We may have underestimated how “easy” this project would be. It’s been time consuming, hard labour and from a woman’s point of view, a lot of broken finger nails! Continue reading

Making fear a thing of the past

Back in December of 2015, I went for my routine Pap smear to have my results come back abnormal. I tested positive to CIN III. My cervix was literally covered in abnormal cells. Surgery was required to treat the abnormalities on my cervix and I’d never been so afraid in my life. Surgery for me was a first. It was all unknown to me [ see blog post “A First For Everything”]. But I did it, and now comes the time to start having follow up appointments to ensure the procedure has worked. Continue reading

Kyle’s Nursery Change Up 

For my Instagram followers, you’ll know I’ve been contemplating changing Kyle’s mint and black wall for quite some time now. The pop of mint hasn’t felt like its the right colour for Kyle, his space and his personality. The bright pop of colour reminds me of a loud, vibrant, out there personality. Kyle is completely the opposite to this. He’s such a calm, laid back, quiet soul. Continue reading