Van Life Wednesdays with Wattle Road


A caravan renovation so beautiful, so raw and so natural that will give you all the heart eyes and an abundance of inspiration is one called Wattle. The colour palette, tones and earthy warm vibe with hints of dusty pink is so my vibe. If Wattle ever goes up for sale, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there! Enjoy the story of @wattle_road.


Tell us about yourself
We are Aubrey, 30 and Taylor, 26, with Aubreys daughter Eliza and our dogs Marlo & Barney.
Aubrey works in construction management with a background in carpentry, and Taylor works in marketing & photography in the fashion industry. We own a 70’s caravan called Wattle, and recently completed a huge trip through the NT and down the East Coast in QLD & NSW.
We both grew up country kids with families working and living on farms, and camping around Australia for family holidays. Therefore, we have combined our love for the great outdoors and undertook our caravan project to enable us to continue on our own adventures.
We are both hugely beach oriented with a love for the ocean, surfing and snorkelling, but also have a passion for the Aussie bush, so are just as happy getting away for a weekend of hiking and immersing ourselves in nature.
What kind of caravan do you have?
We have a a 17ft, 1978 Franklin Panorama.
What inspired you to purchase an old caravan to renovate?
We both grew up camping with our families, so we were very keen to see more of Australia. Taylor had been following a few renovated vans already on instagram and just fell in love with the concept. Aubrey is also a qualified carpenter so we knew it would be a fun project to take on together.
What inspired your style and colour palette?
Our colour palette is very neutral, using mostly raw materials. This mimics our home interior style, but also, we had seen so many caravans that featured bright, coastal colours (blue, greens, yellow) already and we wanted to design ours a little differently. We took a lot of inspiration from current trends in interior design and experimented with different materials. Thankfully, Aubrey had the skills to take our ideas and rework them into something that adapted to the van.


What were your must haves for your caravan renovation?
We made sure we had a normal sized bed, huge amounts of storage and a decent size wardrobe.
If you could do it again, what would you do differently?
We had pre-booked our leave in with work which meant we were working against a timeline. Whilst this was an excellent motivator to get moving on the project, it meant that we ran out of time to complete certain things. Specifically, our windows needed a little maintenance prior to leaving, but we just had to leave them as is. Regardless of minor changes, we love our van Wattle the way she is!


Your hot tip to anyone wanting to renovate a caravan?
Make sure you research your weight distribution and manage this throughout the build. Double & triple check your chassis for any weak points (rust, cracks etc). Water test before you do your internal fit out to highlight any leaks.
What’s your must see destination?
Crystal Waters, Paluma Range National Park, QLD.

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