Van Life Wednesdays with Huddy and Me.


One caravan renovation I’ve loved watching come to life is the one of @huddyandme by Lauren. Their viscount, Violet, has a dreamy and minimal interior with colour tones to soothe any busy mind, ready for a holiday of ultimate relaxation and good times. I’ve chatted with Lauren regularly on instagram and have to say, reading this interview back was nothing but beautiful as I wiped away humble tears. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back, have a read and you’ll see exactly what I mean about a dreamy interior and humble tears.

van life huddy and me

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Lauren I am 25 and live in beautiful Forster on the mid north coast with my partner Simon and our two beautiful boys, Hudson and Sonny.
We own a mechanic workshop here in Forster where Simon and I both work together, as well as our two boys who are mostly here with us. I am very lucky to be able to bring them to work with me.
We are a laid back family and mostly enjoy spending time with our friends and family and enjoy the simple life!
2019-04-22 04.27.48 1_resized

What kind of caravan do you have?

We have a beautiful 15ft 1977 Viscount Supreme named Violet.

What inspired you to purchase an old caravan to renovate?

Funnily enough it was miss Connie herself and beautiful Luna girl that first inspired us to buy and renovate an old van.
Luna drove past us in Forster one day and I fell in love! After seeing Connie’s Instagram tag on the back of Luna I quickly jumped on and saw all the beauty that was Luna the Van.
I then began following and researching a bunch of other van renovation pages and saw there was a whole community of us and the Van transformations were just incredible!
I had my heart set on a Viscount so then the hunt was on to find our van, and about a month later Violet was in our driveway.
2019-09-07 01.44.49 2_resized

What inspired your style and colour palette?

It took us just shy of two years to complete our renovation so in that time I had plenty of pinterest/Instagram research under my belt and I new exactly how I wanted her to look!
For the outside I was torn between a sandy colour or an earthy sage colour but the sage colour won after a quick insta vote and I’m so glad we chose that colour.
For the inside I wanted as minimalistic as possible with a lot of white, beige and timber. I also wanted to add a vintage look to her as well to tie in with her original feel and that’s  where the tap and pressed metal splash back came in.
I drew so much inspiration from fellow van renovation pages but also really wanted her to look different and have her feel like ours as much as possible.
She is our home away from home and I am completely in love and honestly wouldn’t change a thing!
2019-09-29 03.17.51 2_resized

What were your must haves for your caravan renovation?

Simon and I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. So we knew we needed an actual mattress for our bed rather then a foam one, we were a bit worried about whether a queen size mattress would fit in the Van but it did with extra room and it just makes camp life that little more luxurious!

If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

We are already on the hunt for Violet 2.0! I feel crazy for saying that because it’s a huge job, but we’d love to do another van that is maybe a bit bigger. I’d love to find a Millard van to renovate for something different.
I honestly don’t think we would change a thing, we have worked so hard to make her completely perfect for us and exactly what we want.
A bigger van next time would be cool to see what layout we would be able to come up with.
2019-09-29 03.17.51 1_resized

Your hot tip for anyone wanting to renovate a caravan?

Check for water damage!
When we originally bought Violet I thought oh yeah a coat of paint and she’ll be perfect. But after finding some water damage behind the bed we then began pulling out walls, which led to ceiling, and then floors. Thankfully we were able to save the overhead cupboards though! So we were then left with a tin shell that we then had to renovate from scratch!
In the long run I am glad we found the water damage so we could fix it and replace everything so we know now that we won’t have a problem with that. Added bonus was that I then was able to design the layout any way I wanted!

What’s your must see destination?

We love anywhere that’s close to a beach or river but our favourite is Crescent Head, as well as Sandbar, Knorrit Flat, Tea Gardens, and Seal Rocks.
We have a trip booked for early next year to Wooli that we are so excited for and I’d love to get up to Byron bay.
As long as we are in the van and enjoying the outdoors with our babies it doesnt matter where we are!

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