Van Life Wednesdays with Velzyandsol


A cute caravan that caught my eye first for the colour and then the cuteness was a sweet little van called Velzy. She has a simple but sweet interior to make you want to hitch up and go vanlifing. Plus Naomi is the most gorgeous woman (and a boy Mumma!) with a vibe that I am digging – and I just know you’re going to love this package deal as much as me! Enjoy the read and be sure to hit follow on @velzyandsol to watch some holiday fun and van life!



Tell us about yourself

Well hey hello! We’re the Bloom family (Naomi, Jackson, Oakley & Koa) and our home not on wheels is in a little seaside town in south eastern Victoria called Inverloch.

Oakley is 2 and half years old and Koa just turned one. We love travelling and being together and wanted to give our boys a childhood of simple but adventurous living exploring all over Australia. Jackson is an electrician which has not come in handy at all so far yet with the caravan reno, however he is super multi skilled and talented so he’s been able to execute all of the work himself which has saved us so much money! We had discussed getting an old van one day and doing it up but made the decision to finally do it in January 2019 as I run my own natural living business from home (IG: @the.little.botanist) and I needed a space seperate to our house to work, so we brought the van and got Jackson to work straight away! So far it’s been the best office to escape to during the winter particularly and now that spring has sprung we’re starting to do little trips within a couple of hours of home and it’s been so incredibly fun! The boys love camping so much although in Velzy it’s very much glamping! Jackson is looking at retiring from work in a couple of years and we will take Velzy for a big voyage around Australia!


What kind of caravan do you have?

We have a 1978 viscount! We’re unsure if the van had a model name. If anyone out there knows what it might be we would love to hear from you!


What inspired you to purchase an old caravan to renovate?

We simply love the character of old vans! They have so much history and charm and are super cute plus you can renovate them reasonably cheaply (if you get one in good condition like we did!)

What inspired your style and colour palette?

I wanted it light, airy, earthy with a touch of Australiana! Which is where the dining seat back rest fabrics come in, the wooden paneling around the roof, the new benches and seats and the cushions on the boys bed. We used the original hinges and brought some antique brass knobs from Bunnings to match them and spray painted the whole van white, it makes it feel fresh, easy to touch up and to make it feel bigger!


What were your must haves for your caravan renovation?

Bunk beds! We didn’t want to have to turn dining seating into a bed every day and have to pack it up every morning. Also wooden bench seats instead of cushions because I don’t want to become a slave to cleaning it when we’re travelling and worrying about little wet boy bums and dirty hands on the seats! He’s so easy to sweep out and clean up now!

We also took some cupboards out and turned our bed around because it was half way between a single and double originally, so now we have a full sized double bed with a comfy koala mattress (comfy mattress was a must have)!


If you could do it again what would you do differently?

Buy a bigger car before the caravan. We have a Subaru Outback and it can tow it but it’s borderline on it’s tare limit so we’re about to upgrade our car to be able to take Velzy on the bigger trips!

We honestly wouldn’t do anything else differently though! We’ve been so happy with how everything has worked out!


Your hot tip to anyone wanting to renovate a caravan?

Just do it?! Use a spray gun to paint the interior, massive time saver, utilise second hand stores, FB marketplace etc for decorations, ebay for hardware such as taps etc and create a mood board from Instagram and Pinterest if you have no idea what your style is. Also do some thorough pre checks before you make the purchase. Check for any water leaks and give the chassie a good look over.

What’s your must see destination?

We’re really keen to explore the Western Australia’s northern coastline and set out across into the Northern Territory! Our favourite destination we like to go to a lot not too far from home is Wilson’s Promontory in Gippsland – it’s really special!



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