Craft Table

I love when the boys open up their craft cupboard and get all the things out for them to create something so sweet. Craft is our go to in the house for when we need to turn the volume down a notch and have some calm time. I’ve found this tactic to work well with raising my wild boys! It’s brings over a sense of calm, concentration and you can see their imaginations running wild as they paint, draw or make something amazing out of recycled card boards!

We usually all sit around the coffee table or set up some tables to craft at, but there was a day that had me pulled in to an op shop to discover the most divine maple antique table that I wasn’t going home without. I knew right there and then that it would be the boys craft table. It’s already got some marks and paint on it from who knows when, now my boys can add their marks and paint to it too while they create craft which only adds to the beauty of the table and story it holds.

Setting up their craft table for them, I wanted it to be a place they can come to sit at that feels magical, inspiring and ready for their imaginations. I wanted there to be an abundance of natural materials to either craft with or to house their craft materials, plus some extras for sensory play and learning. Give me all the natural beauty with stunning pottery from op shops, plus a few other items either from our own store or other eco stores I adore – like the Seed and Sprout Pantry Jars used to keep all the sensory items in on our own Seed timber rack! The jars have things like feathers the boys have collected, fossils, nuts, dried flowers, seashells and dried leaves.

And of course, nothing says magical like some fairy lights.

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