Our week in Brunswick Heads

The count down had been on for many months, that would see us on the road again and heading north to Brunswick Heads. A holiday we were so looking forward to with our good friends Mia and Jon from Weekends With Sadie, one where we decided to completely relax into holiday mode, reset our souls as a family and get back to what we love best – caravanning and exploring!

Where we stayed

The drive up was far more smoother and quicker than we thought it would be! Those new highway roads that have opened have made travelling north so much more easier and quicker. For our stay in Brunswick Heads, we went with none other than Reflections Holiday Parks, Terrace Reserve. A simple family caravan park right on the river that instantly relaxes you. And even better, it is located right by the town centre with everything you need only walking distance away – we even rode our bikes to get the groceries! Even though it’s close to the town centre, you still get that holiday ambiance. The park had an awesome school holidays activity plan which seen discos and movie nights under the stars! The kids really loved that! Mia and I made up a big pot of creamy carbonara and had a picnic with all the fams while watching a movie on a projector which was so fun! The favourite part for the kids would have to of been being situated right on the bank of the river because it gave them the freedom to climb down on low tide and run wild, get muddy, laugh and play! They were some moments truly beautiful! It made going for a swim so convenient and easy!

Exploring Minyon Falls

We were so keen to get out exploring that we wasted no time in getting out into the Hinterland in search of Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park. The walk was absolutely stunning and peaceful, and also easy enough to do as a family. Kyle did need to be carried a few times but he took it in his stride and had so much fun hiking! The view from Minyon Falls was breath taking! Right on the edge of an infinity pool with cascading hills as the backdrop. Some seriously beautiful moments were had while we were there. The boys loved playing in the water and a yabby was even found by the Dads which the kids all loved seeing! I don’t think we’ve ever seen one that big before! The water was even the right temperature perfect for a swim!

All about that food and coffee

It’s safe to say we literally ate our way around the area with coffee stops always had at a new shop so we could see which one we loved best. I’ve got to say – the almond latte from Old Maids in Brunswick Heads was my absolute favourite! We did a family breakfast at Footbridge which was amazing and lunch dates were had at any cute little healthy cafe we could find while on the road between adventures otherwise we would pack salad and cold meat wraps. We also had a dinner date all together at Hotel Brunswick which was deliciousssss! There was a park there too which kept the kids happy!

Discovering Mullumbimby

We spent some time hanging out in Mullumbimby, trying their coffee of course, some carrot cake and looking at cool antique stores. We found a yummy vegan cafe called The Rainbow Kitchen which was so delicious and fun for the kids as well! There was a park for them to play in that was great for their imaginative play. I highly recommend the jackfruit tacos and the faery mojito if you visit! Mullumbimby had a cool relaxed vibe to it which I just loved, and with so many cute little veggie gardens planted around the streets, it made me fall in love oh so much more!

Wilson’s Creek takes the cake

There was one day that we adventured out to Wilsons Creek, which absolutely blew my mind! I’ve never been in awe of a place so much in my life! For me, it felt like home and there was something in the air that was consuming my whole being, seeing me take in every little spec of magic to what I was seeing and experiencing. I was high on life the whole adventure! The creek wound and weaved its way through the most lushious rainforest, with homes literally banked right by the creek, with elderly couples out doing the gardening amongst the peace and tranquility of their world. I so badly wanted it for myself. Every few meters you would drive, there was always the creek in sight, there was always something so beautiful to see. We found a cute old abandoned shack that had a sense of eariness to it, but also you knew there was a story to go with it which made it magical as well. A piece of my heart was stolen that day. I’ll be back to see Wilson’s Creek again one day that’s for sure. If you decided to take a little trip out to Wilson’s Creek, pack a picnic, your swimmers, your camera and put on your adventure hat! You’ll be sure to find a little spot to stop by and enjoy!

Hanging about Brunswick Heads

There were days of beautiful adventures and days of taking it slow around Brunswick Heads. The perfect combination of adventures and relaxation! We rode out to the break wall, which was the day that seen Kyle ride his bike for the first time with no training wheels! Mia and I did a spot of shopping around Brunswick Heads, we spent some time on the most divine crystal clear beach, Christmas Beach! It made for the most amazing snorkelling with fish SO big and beautiful! Mia and I went out for a snorkel over the rocks and it was so fascinating to watch what lives beneath the water. This beach is known as Christmas Beach by the locals and is a bit of a secret so we’ve been told!

There was even a skate park nearby from the caravan park that the boys rode to with Mann to have some Dad and son time. There was just so much to do and see it was incredible! A perfect destination for families who don’t want to be amongst the hustle and bustle!

What’s a holiday in the Northern Rivers without a stop in Byron Bay?

Our last day was spent with a train ride to Byron Bay’s town centre on the restored vintage solar train, Byron Bay Train. All the kids had a blast, and the train driver let all the kids up the front to have a look at what the drivers seat is like! With Mann having an extensive background on the railways, it was even more special having him talk to the boys about all the things he knows about what they were seeing right there and then!

After the train ride had been and gone, we spent some time at The Farm, because if you go to Byron Bay with kids and you don’t do the farm, did you even go to Byron haha?! Just like last time, the boys loved cracking open the nuts and eating them. And for me, just like last time, I loved the veggie patches and fields of flowers haha!

It was like the blink of an eye, and we were scratching our heads at how quick our holiday had gone! It seemed to have flown by! They do say that time flies when you’re having fun. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up, say our goodbyes to our friends and head home! Our time spent in and around Brunswick Heads was pure bliss and the ultimate in relaxation. So many new memories, so many highlights. I’d do it all again if I could.


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