Creating an ENJO home

Since becoming environmentally mindful with the products I use in my home, I’ve learnt that I’m not only reducing my waste and helping protect our environment but I’m also eliminating the use of unnecessary chemicals which are so damaging to our homes, bodies and environment. It can all feel so overwhelming in the beginning when you’re making a conscious effort to be mindful of what products you shouldn’t be supporting or using, but all we really need to do is strip right back to basics and take a step towards our health and environments future. It really is that simple!

In our home, my step towards a brighter future is reduce, reuse and recycle! I’ve created a vegetable garden where I can grow our families fresh produce (even share it with our neighbours and family!), a compost where I can put all our fruit and vegetable scraps and give them the time to break down and become our vegetable gardens best friend. We have taught the boys about what we need to compost, recycle or can hold on to and reuse in our home. Items such as jars from the pantry to store our foods, using natural toothpastes rather than ones filled with chemicals, and the household winner in my opinion is eliminating chemicals on our kitchen surfaces where food is prepared! It all just felt so backwards to be spraying our kitchen down with chemicals and then preparing food for my loved ones on the very same surface!

After using the Enjo Window Bundle recently to help keep our caravan and home windows clean, I wanted to give the Enjo Kitchen Bundle a try in our home too! I was so happy with the results from the Window Cleaner with only having to use the miracle cloth, window cleaner and water to achieve incredible results, I knew that introducing the Kitchen bundle into our home would be worth it!

For a couple of months now, I’ve proudly been using Enjo every day in our kitchen to keep the whole kitchen sparkling clean with zero chemicals in sight! The feeling of not wasting our money on chemicals, cloths and sponges anymore is amazing! All Enjo fibers are completely washable and reusable for up to three years before needing replacing, so that right there is a huge impact I am making on our environment by not contributing to the waste of cloths and sponges. Just have a think about the amount of sponges you yourself would throw into the bin in just one month. Now times that by 36. Its all dependent on how often you change those germ filled sponges, but its a huge amount to be saving on! All I need to do, is once a week, Ill pop all my Enjo fibers into the laundry bag that comes with the bundles, and ill pop them into the washing machine. Then throughout the week, I have clean cloths and sponges to use in our kitchen which require the use of no chemicals – just water!

At first, I will admit, it was Mann who was skeptical on the idea of just water being enough to keep our stone benches and appliances clean, but I’ve even had him in the kitchen giving them a test and I’m happy to say they most definitely are Mann approved now haha!

By cutting back on the chemicals we would normally use on our windows and kitchen surfaces, plus any sponges, clothes and paper towels, we are one step closer to creating our reduce, reuse and recycle friendly home. They say from little things, big things grow right? It really is about taking it step by step and not making it an overwhelming commitment. My advice on starting out on your own reduce, reuse and recycle journey is do it in stages. It’s too much to throw yourself in the deep end and expect great things from it. Don’t set yourself up to fail, but instead succeed. Even start room by room. Investing in the Enjo bundles room by room will be a sure way to transition yourself smoothly and get use to the way it all works and the new small but amazing adjustments you are making in your home, for your family, your health and the environment.


In spirit of “from little things, big things grow”, Enjo are currently celebrating 25 years of Enjo. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does! But Enjo are giving you the chance to win yourself a luxurious eco getaway in an incredible ecotourism retreat in your state! Simple head to Enjo for more details. You’ll also find a bunch of handy and useful tips on their website to inspire your way of cleaning in the future!


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