Girls Trip in Queensland!

Do you ever feel like you never get to miss your kids? Or even your husband? I guess working from home creates that for me. I’m always here at home with them, never able to miss them. What even is that feeling? But this wasn’t my only reason for making a girls weekend. What better than to catch up with a good friend and do some adventuring in a place you’ve dreamed of seeing! So there I was, a plane ticket, a packed bag, and on a mission to miss her family, find some independence and catch up with a girlfriend!

Nervous as heck about the busy Brisbane airport alone? Yup! But determined to be a strong independent woman who doesn’t always need her man to hold her hand? Yup! Hahaha. I arrived in Brisbane and owned it like I’d be there and done that many times before.

With three days up my sleeve for whatever I liked, it was straight to the arms of Mia to have some fun! First up was Eat Street for some seriously mind blowing atmosphere, food and….. ICED TEA! I’d never seen anything like it! Never experienced anything like it! It was amazing – all of it! Not being the once young and brave all nighters we opted to head back to Mia’s for the night to catch up on some Bachie and drink tea.


The next morning we were up bright and early with the sun, getting ourselves ready, jumping on the bikes and heading off for a ride around Mia’s home town Margate, stopping at all her favourite spots, site seeing the local attractions and of course – a delicous breakfast and coffee stop before heading back to the house to grab our bags and head north up the coast to have a day filled with adventure!

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There were quite a few bucket list places for me to tick off while I was up there, and Mia made sure they were all ticked off! One of those was going to Eumundi Markets – wow – amazing! The most beautiful eclectic market with such a relaxed and happy vibe. We hung out there browsing at so many stalls, testing out some food samples, binging again on iced tea and lunching on the best tofu salad bowl I’ve ever had! We spent hours here, and I could have easily spent many more hours here.

But our next stop was calling, so we upped and left for Noosa. I’d never been to Noosa before and was eager to see how beautiful it was as I’ve heard so many good things about Noosa! We did a drive through Hasting Street and up to the Noosa National Park for some hiking and fairy pool searching. Mia suggested we go barefoot to earth ourselves and said the hike wasn’t too far and was pathed. I was keen for that. But it was unpathed and it was longer than I than I think she thought haha! My poor little soft bare feet were hating me but it was all too beautiful to care. The ocean was the most purest shade of turqouise I think I’ve ever seen. It was like a postcard, so picturesque perfect and like a slice of tropical paradise. We ventured up the trail talking all things girls do, laughing at all things girls do and loving every minute together. We arrived at the fairy pool and by that point we were so ready to jump in and cool off!

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After our swim it was back to the car and a stop off at the supermarket to grab ourselves all the ingredients to make one hell of a platter for dinner while we stayed on the cutest little farm air bnb in the Noosa Hinterland. The drive out there was the most beautiful and peaceful dose of country life, arriving at the air bnb was all everything country life! From cows, peacocks, horses, platypus in the dam, turtles, even a baby calf, all set on beautiful acres of property with views of the mountain ranges. We explored the property, the hosts even made a fire for us to sit by at night and enjoy our platter by. When we called it a night, we tucked ourselves into bed, drifting off to sleep after we shared some beautiful chats together.


Morning came and we woke to beautiful misty paddocks with cows and horses surrounding ready for their breakfast. It was the most beautiful and perfect country morning.

We got ourselves ready after some breakfast and headed off to Kondalilla Falls to meet up with mega babe Lisa from @evo_tribe who joined us on the hike down. Arriving down at Kondalilla Falls was so breathtaking and no matter how cold the water was it wasn’t going to stop us enjoying the moment! The water was literally icy cold and felt like our bodies completely froze over haha! But so worth it! We spent some time just chatting and loving the moment before hiking back to treat ourselves to some yummy coffee and cakes at a local cafe.

After, it was time for Mia and I to head down to Glasshouse Mountains! I know! Still pinching myself that I have actually been there! And it was so much better in person. We pranced around the fields before heading to Mount Ngungun. By this time I was so exhausted from all the adventures we’d been having but I’m not one to pass up an incredible experience! So as tired as I was we hiked up Mount Ngungun with my little pocket rocket Mia haha! There’s no rest for that energiser bunny, she is seriously built for it! We got to the top in no time which was an easy enough hike up, and arriving to the top was the most incredible and beautiful view of the valley and mountains.

We went further across the top to get a better view, and I’m really not one for heights, cliff edges and not feeling in control of a situation. My body literally froze as I pushed myself further and further to have the attitude of “just do it!” Being so close to an edge so high was so overwhelming, my body had the shakes and I couldn’t help but cry. Quiet possibly a mixture of exhaustion and pushing myself, but as much as I tried I couldn’t get myself to boost up onto a rock that wasn’t even high! The fear took over me. We headed back up to main area of the mountain where I calmed myself down and took in the views before we decided to head back down and enjoy some Japanese for dinner.

As we drove off the emotions and fears left my body, I was so glad I at least pushed myself out of my comfort zone to get as far as I did and so glad I did it! I’ve dreamed of going to The Glasshouse Mountains, and it was just too beautiful to not soak up every aspect!

On the drive home I was really missing my family waiting for me at home, and rang them just to hear their voices even though I had been keeping in contact with them. Hearing their voices just made me cry and I couldn’t wait to have their cuddles and kisses again the next day. There it was, that feeling of missing them, and them even missing their Mummy!

The next morning seen us have a slow morning at Mia’s before having to leave for the airport so I could head home to my boys!

This trip goes down as such a highlight of my life for me. I’ve never before done anything like it where I’ve gone off on my own and had to have an independence like this it. Normally in any situation if something goes wrong I know Mann has my back no matter what. But this time, it was all me. I had to find my way around a busy airport and be accountable for myself only. It was an experience that was so good for me as a human, a mother and a wife. I came home absolutely besotted in love with my men in my life. Not that I didn’t love them before, but missing them made me appreciate them and it also made my heart grow more fonder. It was like I had come home with a whole new lease of life. Even Mann could see it in me and feel it.

Doing this trip has made me realise a few things, and one of the most important ones is that as much as we are mothers and commit ourselves to being mothers, we must still give back to ourselves. Yes we are mothers and wives but they are not all we are. We are also our own identity and there is no harm in taking a few days out from time to time for us to recharge and enjoy someting for ourself that feeds our soul and gives us an experience that we dream of. This will not be the last time I take time away for myself. The anticipation of the trip, the trip and the coming down from the trip and home to my family was a feeling like no other.

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One thought on “Girls Trip in Queensland!

  1. So glad you enjoyed it beautiful! Reading over your Mt Ngun Ngun bit makes me feel bad for pushing you 🙈 haha but it was an experience of a lifetime! Still can’t believe you made the trip xxxx


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