Craft Cupboard Upcycle Project

I’ve been going organising mad in our home the last week, and once I get an idea in my head, I just have to do it! Last week started with the pantry and making a start there, this week was the boys craft cupboard!

After seeing Anna from @thesmallfolk repurpose her kitchen hutch into an art hutch, she had me dreaming of creating one for my boys when I found the perfect cupboard to store it all in. Yesterday, my neighbour came knocking on my door telling me about this amazing op shop I must check out (after she bumped into me last week on my routine op shop hunt haha!), so off I went to the op shop to see what all the fuss was about. Two new jackets later and an antique children’s wardrobe in tow, I arrived home with my next project!

The cupboard needed a fresh lick of paint on the drawers as they were yellow, green and red. I wasted no time, with literally arriving home, scoffing down some quick 2 minute noodles, and straight into the garage to paint the drawers! I picked Kurty up from school and raced over to Kmart to buy a few more supplies like modeling clay, more water paints and crafting supplies like stamps and plaster.

By upcycling the cupboard, I really wanted the things inside to be as upcycled as possible in terms of storage. I’ve used vintage mugs and baskets I’ve found in op shops to store pencils, paints and crayons, and I’ve also been keeping cute paper that I receive in parcels for the boys to use for craft.

I had stacks of ribbon rolls and fabric left over from my previous styling business, so I got that tub of ribbons out and cut them all up into different lengths for the boys to glue when crafting!

There’s also some pine cones, dried flower petals, twigs and leaves for gluing, as well as some recycled egg cartons – because who hasn’t recycled egg cartons for craft before! That’s like a childhood necessity isn’t it!

I’m going to recycle some more jars from the fridge and make up some batches of home made play doh to also store in the cupboard to go alongside all their playdoh wares.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the cupboard to fit in the play room in the space I’d hoped it would fit, so for now it’s sitting pretty in the living room until we do our house renovation and have some space in our new office for it to go!

Thankfully the cupboard has a working key and lock so I’m able to keep it locked up to save the nightmare of waking up one morning to newly painted walls courtesy of the boys haha!

Hopefully our craft cupboard inspires you to create something special for your children to love and create from. Before you know it, it will quickly become a whole family affair!



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