Toy Room Reveal

I never thought I’d see the day, where our little home would be able to have a toy room. A dream of mine I’ve had for so many years, with a vision of amazing play based and sensory learning toys. Moving the boys into a shared room has been one of the best things we have done in our home, they’ve settled in well with sharing a room, even bedtime has been a breeze (we thought we’d be in for one hell of a bedtime!). After trialing them sharing for a few weeks first, we decided there they’d stay and a toy room it would be in Kyle’s old bedroom. I’ve been tinkering away at creating this space to be a magical learning and creating zone, where both the boys, and us as parents can get involved with this space I’ve created.

I wanted the toy room to remain our earthy toned style, but for the boys sensory and learning development, I wanted beautiful bright pops of rainbow to get their senses activated, their minds stimulated and their creativity flowing. This theme hasn’t been one I’ve just thrown together, it’s come with a lot of research and thinking back to my old child care teacher days about the importance of colour in a toddlers learning development. Research shows that children’s colour recognition can impact a child’s emotions, mood, productivity, learning and behavior. Having colour, textures, tones, hues and patterns in a child’s space and learning environment can help set them up for a brighter future with their learning skills.

I kept the furniture neutral with some beautiful drawers from Mocka to use as storage for all their cars, trucks, blocks, games and bits and pieces. Sitting the drawers side by side allowed me to utelise the space on top as shelving, having all their favourite pieces there ready for play.

I used our new addition shelves to The Timba Trend and Folk, the Trio Shelves on the wall to create dimension as well as productive storage for their toys. I also kept the book shelves where they were as they fit that space perfectly and are at the perfect height for the boys to choose a book to read. Below the book shelves, I created a simple imaginative play area for elves, fairies and farm animals. You’ll also see I kept the branch hanging above the shelving wall and hung the boys art from over the years on.

The boys new rainbow toy additions from The Creative Toy Shop are incredible play based learning toys, with sound awareness, fine motor skills, counting and colour recognition. The boys absolutely love the Grimms musical rainbow tree – which sounds so heavenly! We also received some magnetic rainbow counters which will be perfect for sorting, counting, colour recognition and maths games. We also have some magnetic wands on their way which will be perfect for the counters! The rainbow musical blocks are one of Kyle’s favourites, he loves shaking the blocks to hear all the different sounds.

Some of the games we got from Kid Stuff are so cleverly created for learning! We got the cupcake sorting game, the truck shape sorting game and interstars for creative building.

I then went to the dollar store and bought some buttons, string, beads, wool for threading, crochet, and glitter wands because who doesn’t love glitter wands! I went to the op shop and bought a stack of cane baskets to put them all in and decorated the rest of the room around pieces they already had! While we were recently away in Port Stephens, I went into a book shop and found some posters of Australia and root vegetables for just $7!

One of my favourite additions is the sensory elements basket I made for the boys. It’s got a collection of pieces found from earth such a leaves, gumnuts, shells, minerals, crystals, rocks, drift wood, feathers and fossils for them to get up close with their magnifying glasses!

We are all so happy with this space, particurally the boys! Its created an area for the whole family to love and knowing I’ve created a room based around the keys factors of play based learning, colour stimulation and natural textures is a big parenting win for me!

Click on the video below for a full detailed room tour!

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