Memories captured with Fox + Fern

Oh so many moons ago, way back when Kurt was two, we had our family photos taken by the lovely Cassie of I Wish Photography. Later that led to Cassie and I working together where she would photograph my work when I was working in event styling. Fast forward five years and Cassie has since rebranded to Fox + Fern Photography, we’ve fallen back in touch and dreamed of doing a shoot together again – but this time with the caravan!

We took to the most beautiful property out at Yarramalong where the owner of the property, Mark, was so kind to let us use his property to capture our photos. We sure struck gold when he put us on the back of his quad to show us the most stunning tree, well over 150 years old to have our photos done under. The property is literally a dream, wide open spaces, trees with history and age, sunsets over the hills, freshwater creeks, horses and cows grazing, it was just perfect and dreamy in every way.

We set up a picnic on the grass with delicious homemade desserts of raw strawberry cheesecakes, and the boys favourite chocolate cake.

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We wanted our photos to be captured in the most natural, truest form to who we are, the times spent together when we are away and the love we have as a family. We reminised on previous holiday adventures, the kids played uno and oh so many tickles were had!

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Venturing out in the wilderness, being amoungst nature and all there is to see is one thing we all have in common in our family. There’s always something new to be seen, heard and discovered if you listen, look and feel close enough.

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Once all the fun and cake was had, it was all about capturing those beautiful family photos, that are so full of pure love, joy and connection.

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The photos Cassie captured for us are going to be treasured for so many decades to come, and will be beautiful memories for our children to remember the love we all share for our caravan adventures, nature and each other. We can’t thank Cassie enough for being so patient with our wild cheeky boys and being able to capture them in their true adorable self, that itself is a task haha! And a huge thank you goes out to Mark who let us wander around his property to create these forever memories. We are so grateful.

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