The Connie Diaries takes Byron Bay with Weekends With Sadie

The day of arriving in Byron Bay has come and we were all too excited to hitch up and get on the road ASAP! We left Hat Head at 7.30am and started our roadie to our final destination! We were buzzing, the vibe was high on life and we could hardly wait another minute!The drive there wasn’t the funnest with the boys being loud, boisterous and full of energy, but we all made it there alive in the end. Even if it was with a headache! Haha! We rolled into the Byron Holiday Park literally 5 minutes after our van buddies Mia and Jon who we had planned back in October to meet up with on this trip! Seeing Mia again was just amazing – we hit it off way back when we found each other on instagram and we’ve never looked back. We all got ourselves set up on our camp sites, which were ensuite sites and super tidy and modern – makes longer trips so much more easier! We wasted no time in heading for a dip at my favourite Byron Bay beach, The Pass. It was looking touch and go for a while with a storm rolling in, but luckily it rolled straight over and past us and let us have every beautiful moment on the sand. We later headed back to camp, the kids played in the pool, loved the chickens and the park and we got organised for a quick and easy chicken and salad wrap smorgasbord for dinner, cooking s’mores on the camp cooker, children to bed and a much awaited adult catch up until late.

The next day we woke to rain but there was no way we were letting the rain, rain on our parade and we took to Kmart for some gumboots and raincoats so we could visit The Farm for River’s birthday. All the kids had a blast playing in the puddles and mud. Just like last time, our favourite part of The Farm was underneath the macadamia trees, finding nuts to crack open and eat.

That evening, Mia and I were off for a sunset walk along Tallow Beach having some much needed girl time! Talking all things girls do, and dreaming of all things girls do.

Earlier that day, Mia had bought the card game Cards Against Humanity so once the kiddies we were all tucked into bed for the night after watching George of the Jungle, we had some fun and laughs playing this hilarious game! Absolutely a card game that needs to be added into everyones caravan!

The following day, it started out wet but became sunny by mid morning, we explored the Byron Bay lighthouse, had some more fun at The Pass and this time with a surfing session. I swear I broke my toe 3 times falling off the surfboard haha! I’m still in need of a lot of practice to get my surfing skills on point haha! A morning on the sand left us all hungry so we stopped in at Top Shop for the most delish burgers and ice creams!

Given the rainy morning we had and the spout of sunshine for the afternoon, we made the decision to drive out into the hinterland and see Killen Falls while the flow was running heavy! It was absolutely amazing as always. Mia, Mann and I all couldn’t wait to jump in for a swim! There is no place like Killen Falls. We arrived back to camp and cooked up a mix grill on the bbq with baked veggies out of our much loved convection oven. Campers you must own one of these babies! Game changer!

Come morning, we woke to what was Thursday and we hit the streets of Byron Bay to do some op shopping and give the kids a look in the rainbow shop. Mia and I scored some super cute seagrass visors for $2 plus a few extra pieces of clothing! After Mann and I were straving so we found the cutest organic delicitessan and got some amazing vegetable lasanga for lunch, and the boys wanted brownies and cookies! We spent the afternoon on Wategoes Beach and later back to the van so Mia and I could get ready for our sneaky girls night we craved! We glitzed our vanlife arses up, curled our hair, make up on, and took to The Mez Club for happy hour drinks and the yummiest share board of food we’ve ever had! Needless to say we were buzzing and high on life from happy hour, and we took to the beach to tick off some more of our bucket list. For me, its been one of those things were I’ve thought yeh I’d love to do it but I never will because I’m not that confident. Well Mia bought that side out in me and gave me the confidence. Maybe it was something to do with one of the chats we had over dinner where she bought me back to reality and to stop focusing on this “image” of what I should look like for my husband post kids. Either way, she bought it out in me to just bloody do it. And we did. What happens in Byron stays in Byron, and now with you guys. Skinny dipping in the ocean. And we can’t even blame the full moon for making us wild this night. Only ourselves. Magic. We even took a few sneaky pics for each other to keep for when we are old and grey to say “back in my day, I was as wild as you were” to the grandchildren haha. And also because, we are only this young once, one day we won’t look like this! After, we sat for what felt like hours talking on the beach. We had the deepest conversations talking about everything and anything, our dreams, our fears, our wishes, our love. In all of my life to date, I can say I’ve only ever connected on this level with two souls before. Mia was my third. You know when you can just feel every breath of what they say, you tear up as you hear the words come out of their mouth? That instant connection. That bond. I shared with Mia things I’ve only ever shared with my closest and dearest. And I know forever more, I can trust her whole heartedly. It will be one of those nights that will stay with me forever, and I’ll never forget the way we connected on such a high vibration. Having that makes me feel like one of the lucky ones. There’s not many people in this world it feels, that will give you their heart and soul for the taking. Meeting Mia has been one of those things that I know was destined to happen, because we just get each other. And that’s something to treasure.

We returned back to the caravans but not without stopping to listen to the buskers and hit the gelato bar for ice cream!

Friday came and we all woke to what was my birthday. I was cooked the yummiest scramble eggs and gifted the most beautiful gifts. Mann had already given me my surfboard and a trip to Byron, but to top it off, a voucher to spend in Spell. Yasssss. Mia gifted me the most beautiful crystal tiara and a pisces print. Our morning was spent on the banks of Tea Tree Lake in Lennox Head, eating all the snacks and relaxing to the cruisiest tunes while the kids all played. Over lunch, Mia and I went into town for some shopping and later back to the van to get glammed up again for my birthday dinner. We all headed into Miss Margartita, the most delish Mexican restaurant – also with happy hour – woo hoo! Mojitos and gin all night long! I went off to the toilet to come back to the whole restaurant organised to sing happy birthday, which was completely cute and arranged by Mann. I thought that maybe he had found Miley Cyrus on the street and had convinced her to come in so I could meet her. Maybe next time haha! We all then went down to the beach to be amongst the Byron vibe at sunset and had a few sneaky drinks, running along the beach with the kids, just having a damn well amazing time! Another moment I’ll just never, ever forget.

Saturday came, which was sadly the day for packing up. We got ourselves packed up before the rain rolled in and headed down to The General Store to grab some breakfast on go. We had to quickly say our goodbyes to each other as the rain came bucketing down. We had planned to do one night in Scotts Head, but decided we were sick of the mud and mess, plus Kyle’s legs had become severely infected from his gumboots rubbing on them, so we got him home and straight to the doctor to get some medicine. We did the long trip home in one day – and my god were both the boys amazing! We stopped off a few times to stretch, have lunch and do toilet breaks. They just handled the whole car ride like legends! I’m sure they were just super exhausted from such a busy week that they were more than happy to chill out all day!

A big thank you to Byron Holiday Park for having us for our stay! We had the most memorable time, the kids loved the holiday park and all the things on offer for them! Especially the vending machine and chickens haha!

All I can say is, bring on the next Byron Bay trip! I cant wait to be back already! There’s just something about that place!

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