Heaven in Hat Head

We’ve hitched up for our annual Byron Bay adventure that we do every March for my birthday week. The trip is planned, the itinerary is set, and we will be doing Byron Bay with our our favourite van crew, Weekends with Sadie! We can hardly wait!When travelling we find it vital to be stopping along the way on our bigger trips so we don’t wear ourselves out with the boys getting restless! So we’ve planned a stop at Hat Head Holiday Park as the first leg of the trip.

We stopped off on the way for a road side picnic lunch and to do some family fun fruit picking at Ricardoes Tomatoes, just north of Port Macquarie which the boys just loved! Even Mann and I loved the experience!

Then it was on to our first destination, Hat Head! We stayed two nights at the beautiful beach side Hat Head Holiday Park and made the most of our short time here. But will absolutely be wanting to come back to take full advantage of all there is to see and do is this beautiful piece of the East Coast!

We arrived and did a very basic set up as we’re only staying two nights. We were greeted so nicely by the holiday park manager Kim, who was also so helpful in giving us all the knowledge and information we’d need to make our stay an enjoyable and adventurous one. Once we set up, the boys got their tonka trucks and we headed for a walk along Korogoro Creek and over to Hat Head beach for an explore while the tide was low. Even at low tide it’s just absolutely magical!

We got back to camp and cooked up an easy dinner which we had prepared for before we left. Some chicken burgers loaded with salad! Easy to cook up the patties and throw together! We discovered real quick that the mosquitoes loved to be out and about so thank goodness our can of Bushmans is always on hand! Then we showered at the very tidy and modern amenities, went back to the caravan and did a first ever for our family while camping! We watched a movie hahaha! We bought the tv with us and watched The Lion King, and called it a night.

It was a warm night, we kept all the windows and curtains open with the fan going, which was actually pretty nice because at one point when I woke through the night and looked out the window, the moon was shining right down on me through the window, a moment I won’t forget.

Morning came I was first to wake, to a beautiful sunrise bellowing over the mountain with the prettiest pink, purple and orange skies.

We wasted no time in getting ourselves ready and fed so we could venture off for an early morning hike in Korogoro Point walking track which was right across from our camp grounds. It was an easy walk with the kids, and a 3.2km walk in total. We only did the moderate half of the walk, as the other half is rated for experienced hikers and we thought with the boys, we’d be best to turn around at this point. We were still able to see all the beautiful turquoise ocean with panoramic views all across. Every wild flower in sight was picked by the boys and given to me, which I took back to the caravan and put into the flower press to preserve and keep forever.

It was a warm morning, leaving us ready for a dip in the salt after our hike, so we got ourselves organised for a swim in Korogoro Creek while it was high tide. We packed the snorkels and go pro, and took to the sand and salt! The water was so calm, clear and blue, and fish galore swimming below! The boys enjoyed swimming, playing with their tonkas and paddling around. The perfect way to cool down after a walk!

After, we were hungry for some fish and chips, so we went into the general store for some lunch, then ventured into South West Rocks for some historic learning, a dip in the sea, and to fuel up for the next day as there was no fuel stations in Hat Head and we wanted to be prepared for a smooth morning hitting the road the following day. First stop was the historic Boatmans Shed which was free entry and full of so much history that Kurt particularly loved seeing!

Next stop was the Trial Bay Gaol which the whole family loved seeing. It was a $30 entry for a family of 4, but so worth it! We spent so much time here taking in all the history and exploring all the areas. It was a bit spooky and admittedly I got goosebumps haha, probably my own mind playing tricks on me, but it was so facinating!

We then ventured down to the bottom of where the Gaol is, where a camping ground is, and the calmest, flattest beach for miles and miles where we cooled off. Later heading back to the caravan to call it a day. While I settled in with the boys, Mann went for a trail run in Korogoro Trail which he said was amazing as the sun was setting!

We prepared ourselves for an early morning hitch up to leave for Byron Bay, with everything packed and ready for the next leg of our East Coast trip.

Our family friends have been coming to Hat Head every year, for many years, and have always said to us “You have to book a trip to Hat Head, it’s so beautiful and the kids can play safely in the water!” so ticking this spot off our bucket list was something a bit more special to us.

A big thank you to Hat Head holiday park for having us! We absolutely loved the area and found it to be the perfect little slice of paradise for families.

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