The music behind the stories

One thing I love is music. The lyrics, the tunes, the feel. All of it. I find so much connection and understanding through music and it’s one thing I’ve always got playing, whether it’s in the background as I clean the home, as I work, as I bath, as I water the gardens, as we venture. Music speaks to me.I get asked a lot about the music I play in my stories, so I thought I’d share my favourite playlist with you.

Roadie Playlist

This playlist is my “Roadie” playlist, meaning it’s all my go to tunes for when we hit the road and are in that excitement bubble! These songs just feel like the perfect songs to go hand in hand with being on the road and having adventures.

Cruisy Tunes Playlist

This playlist is a bit of everything, the songs I love listening to at home, on the road and doing whatever we do. It’s a mix of 80s, 90s, and the naughtiest! My “Cruisy Tunes” list!

Relax Playlist

A playlist that all about relaxing, meditating and connecting with your higher self. The music I play during my relaxation baths.

Enjoy! And be sure to keep checking on them as I update them regularly!

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