Our home

Something I use to share a lot of when I started on instagram was the interior of our home. Over time, I’ve naturally stopped sharing so much of the interior, I guess because I want to show that instagram isn’t all about what everyone else has and who’s got the latest this and that. It can be such a materialistic world. But saying that, I do love sharing our home with you all and get asked alot about how I’ve styled it and to pleaseeee share more! I have previously done a house tour in my stories, but due to popular demand, I’m now blogging it!Our home is a representaion of us. Pure and simple. It’s about muted tones for calmness, earthy elements for our love of nature, a few plants here and there (when I can keep them alive) because there’s just something about having living plants in the home that is so special. We’ve got modern furniture with our decor showing our style, so that no matter what I’m feeling in the future, I can always change it up easily without having to spend a tonne of money!

We don’t have a huge home, it’s your basic three bedroom home with a lounge, dining, kitchen and bathroom. How nice it would be to have a kids lounge room/toy room and extra rooms for an office, zen room, this and that, but just like when we are all in the caravan, it’s nice being close together (most of the time haha!). We’ve done a complete renovation on our home. There literally isn’t a trace of the old 1970s home, except for the bones and the laundry floor because I’m still undecided if I love them or hate them haha!

The lounge room is our families main domain. We all hang out in the lounge so much, whether it be for the tv, chit chat, card games, you name it, its our go to in the home. We’ve made sure there is plenty of sitting space for all of us, and even when we have guests. The lounge room, kitchen and dining are all open plan so bringing all these spaces together when we have a full house is made easy! Of course, carrying the style through to all these areas is vital to make the home flow from room to room.

Luckily for us with the work we do, I’ve been able to style our home with alot of the pieces we make so I can use them for promotional purposes. Ahh, the benefits! But putting that aside, I’ve found a lot of decor in op shops for a few dollars, and if its not the op shop, it’s an instagram store or Tree of Life 9 times out of 10.

I’ve kept our bedroom simple with muted colour and elements of boho/earthy pieces. The bedroom for us has been hard for me to come to a style where I’m like ‘Yep! This is it” because its in the past felt too girly for a man to share with or too bright. So muting the colours down with the linen helped get me on my way to loving our space – for us, not just for me!

The boys room I styled around their personality and personal likes. For instance with Kurt, his favourite colour is green. So working green into the space while keeping it calm was tricky! He HAD to have the green bed, which I figured was better than a bright green feature wall haha! Then I’ve added in green with some plants, both real and artifical. Kurt has some real cactus’ and his own fiddle leaf fig which really help bring the space to life and not feel so dull with grey walls. He has a bit of cactus theme going on so I worked that in with his  linen and decor. Hiding his toys away neatly helps with a wicker toy box! Toys need a good storage solution and the wicker toy boxes at kmart are perfect for us! He’s a little hippy at heart and loves quirky little things and collecting all sorts of things from boxes, to shells, to anything really haha! So giving him a room with a slight edge of vintage/tribal works with his personality.

Kyle’s room was easy to bring together. He is such a nature kid with such a love for anything from the earth and that lives on it. So earthy muted tones are in full force for my little earth child. Theres pops of plants, again bringing in that living feeling. He’s got his own few crystals, a collection of leaves, feathers, gumnuts. All little things he finds and gives to me. Again, Kyle’s toys are all packed away in a wicker toy box, with some of his favourite on his shelf because he such a toy kid! They are the first things he brings out with him when he wakes!

Our kitchen was designed completely by us about a year and a half ago. It was so run down and cupboards were rotting away, so we had the help of a local kitchen manufactorer to help us bring our kitchen to life. We wanted to keep it simple again by letting the decor speak the style. This makes it adaptable for anyone, incase the day ever came that we sold – (not that we think we ever will! But you just never know!). So we kept the cupboards simple plain white with matte black handles to match our matte black granite sink. The sink was something I HAD to have! We did ceasar stone bench tops in a beautiful concrete finish, with floor tiles to match to tie it together. I LOVE subway tiles. Always have and think I always will. Though I would have loved some beautiful boho tiles that scream BOHO, we went for something more restrained to keep it adaptable. We wanted a real entertainers kitchen, so we put in two ovens – because ya’ll know I LOVE to cook! And we went with an induction cook top which has changed my life forever haha! Pop in our few earthy pieces of decor and thats our kitchen.

We did our laundry on the cheap when we bought our home because were desperate for a new laundry as ours was basically a little room with taps and that was it. Because we were spending all our reno budget on everything else we did the laundry as a “for now” but it came up pretty good! It’ll sure do us for a while.

The bathroom and toilet were already renovated when we bought our home, so though that isn’t what we would personally do, we will leave that for a while and redo it when its dated.

We’ve got more reno plans for our home, to turn our front deck into our ensuite, and to move the front door to the lounge room and create a office in that area instead. To also have a bigger entertaining front deck for those beautiful sunsets. All of that in which will happen over time when we aren’t hitting the road at every chance we get haha!

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