We love van life because

You all know how much we love van life. It’s definitely a lifestyle, and one that so many dream of doing and love watching us do. Some may even wonder, why do we love it so much? So I thought I’d share with you why our family LOVES van life, the good, the bad, our favourite places, and the must haves for van life, to help inspire you, or help you convince your husbands why you must buy that caravan you’ve had you’re eye on! Why do you love van life?

Connie: For the freedom, adventures, family time and memories it keeps on giving us.

Mannie: Freedom to travel and see different parts of Australia on a budget.

Kurt: Tree swings

Kyle: Cos I want it, its not yours, its mine Mummy.

Montana: Because when you go away you feel free and can leave all your worries behind.

Heath: Because its cool because you get to travel.

What has been your favourite place to date?

Connie: This is such a hard one, but it’s got to be Bellingen!

Mannie: Urunga trip!

Kurt: Byron Bay

Kyle: With Hudson. (Barrington)

Montana: Barrington

Heath: Probably Barrington

What’s your favourite memory?

Connie: Under Killen Falls with Mann. It was so beautiful!

Mannie: My very first night in the van, putting my head down on the pillows knowing all my loved ones were so close.

Kurt: Learning to kayak

Kyle: 4WD

Montana: Paddle boarding

Heath: Driving Dads defender in Barrington.

What can’t you travel without?

Connie: The obvious is a camera, but for the ladies – a nail file! The amount of nails I have to file back when away is cray cray!

Mannie: My sodastream machine, and my running shoes.

Kurt: My ipad for the car ride

Kyle: Kyle’s fender

Montana: Marshmallows

Heath: Hat and drink bottle

What did you unexpectedly not miss from home that you thought you would?

Connie: Cooking in our kitchen! I’ve fallen so in love with van cooking!

Mannie: The house

Kurt: TV

Kyle: TV

Montana: The internet

Heath: Air con!

The funniest memory you have while van lifing?

Connie: I’ll never forget the moment when we were on the outskirts of my old home town Casino and stopped by the sunflower fields. Two bikie blokes pulled up on their harleys and got in the fields to get selfies. It was the most funniest and most beautiful thing!

Mannie: Conn and Mia nearly setting the camp kitchen at Urunga on fire!

Kurt: Sand duning at Anna Bay almost into the bush

Kyle: – 

Montana: The storm at Barrington

Heath: Dad falling off a log across the water fully clothed

Summer van life or winter van life?

Connie: Winter for all the cosy feels!

Mannie: I have to say winter.

Kurt: Summer

Kyle: The hot one

Montana: Summer because you can go to the beaches

Heath: Summer

Holiday parks or bush camping?

Connie: Tough one – but holiday parks for the minimal dirt haha!

Mannie: Bush.

Kurt: Holiday parks

Kyle: Bush camping

Montana: Bush camping

Heath: Holiday parks for the pools

One place you’d love to see?

Connie: Easy!!! Tasmania

Mannie: Tasmania

Kurt: Somewhere with snow

Kyle: Camping

Montana: Byron Bay

Heath: Byron Bay

What do you love most about coming home?

Connie: This will be so boring to some but I’m sure the Mum’s will agree – routine!

Mannie: Seeing our dog.

Kurt: Seeing my friends

Kyle: My toys

Montana: Air con.

Heath: Air con.

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