Summer holidays of 2017/2018 journal

A jam packed summer holidays, taking full advantage of our six weeks together as a family. Squeezing in every inch of life on the road that we could while juggling the home business. We got to see and experience new things, new places, new roads. It’ll be one holiday period we will never forget.Our first stop was a day trip to the Blue Mountains to do an early Christmas lunch at grandmas with the family. Having made the trip down, we took full advantage on the way home stopping in at Jelly Bean pool to cool off on what was a scorching hot day!

This place was so beautiful to see, and even a bit more special when my Dad told me that this was the spot where when I was in the womb, my maternity photos were taken here!

All the kids absolutely loved this spot and were so keen to get in! Kurt even overcame a fear of his – which is heights! He worked up the courage to jump from a huge rock down into the deep water with Daddy waiting there for him. After this, we could not stop him!

Our next trip was to Myall River with a big group of friends to spend a week there and have New Years Eve there also! We had a tonne of fun exploring the new area with hubby even showing me his old stomping ground for camping when he was a teen in Mungo Brush!
Kurt was able to use his new kayak he got for christmas, his first go he was reluctant because it was a new thing for him, but come his second go he was cruising down the river at ease with not a worry in the world! We all had kayaks so we all went on a little family row around the island. Come night, we would have dolphins swim by which was absolutely beautiful!

We spent time 4WDing on the beach, exploring Mungo Brush river with another kayak adventure, a swim at the beautiful Jimmys Beach looking back over at Port Stephens. We also had a big camp cook up on New Years Eve with a big feast cooked in camp ovens on coals. It was so delicious and unlike anything we had tried before! Our friends sure know how to cook up a camp feast! Kurt stayed up until midnight for his first ever New Years Eve count down which he just loved! We had all the glow sticks, damper, sparklers and alcohol for the adults!

This trip we went completely unplugged relying on our camp lights, BBQ, gas stove, ice box and camp showers! It was an experience – and much easier than we had thought it would be! It gives you that sense of realising how you can survive on bare minimal when you need to!

Next stop we went to Poleys Place in Barrington! Another completely unplugged trip that we loved! Because the camp grounds had cleared out we got prime position right on the banks of the river – and it was just incredible! The kids swam all day long, went kayaking, collected firewood, made rapids, tree swings and we held our very first camping olympics for the kids and their cousins!

We went for an explore into Barrington Tops and the mist at the top of the mountains was something we will never forget! All the causeways to get there and all the cows by the side of the road – seriously so picturesque! We were going to go for a hike down to a waterfall but the rain had come in and none of the kids were keen by this stage! Luckily the drive was well worth it anyway!

On our first night, we experienced the most incredible lightening storm we have ever witnessed in our time here on earth! It came over so quickly with a down pour of rain for a solid hour, flooding the annex, almost having it collapse! We raced to get the annex walls up and everything off the ground! The boys were beside themselves but luckily had their eldest siblings with them to cuddle while we dealt with the storm! As crazy as it was, we are so happy we got to experience a full blown lightening storm like that! The sound of it right on top of us was [scary] yet amazing!

After our last trip with a camp dinner cooked on coals, we decided we’d do our very own one night so that we did!

Our last day was spend in national parks, doing some op shopping, having a pub lunch and swim at a little pot of gold we found on the side of the road!

Being home and catching up on work, house chores etc we decided on one of our free weekends to spend a night in Cronulla at our besties place! We did some 4WDing on the beach, I was taught by my bestie and her boyfriend how to surf! We did sunset dinners at the park, sight seeing, plus a beautiful drive down to Scarborough Pub and going over the incredible Sea Cliff Bridge. On the way home we passed Summer of Seventy Five on the Sea Cliff Bridge and did a quick turn around to meet up as weve been hitting off on Instagram and had dreamed of the day we would meet! So having this happen by chance was amazing!

To finish off the holidays with a bang, we headed south to Huskisson – a place our friends go all the time and tell us we must see it for the whitest sand! So our Australia Day long weekend was sorted with our neighbourhood friends and we hitched up and headed to the South Coast!

As soon as we hit the Woolongong area we were in love! New scenery, mountains and seaside views! The ocean so blue and clear. We knew this trip would be nothing short of incredible!

We lazed on the famous Hyams Beach for Australia Day, soaking up all the sun, white sand and clear blue ocean. The sand was the whitest of white sand we had ever seen! The ocean was so refreshing to be in that I just did not want to ever get out!

More time was spent exploring in the Booderee National Park and my gosh, what a BEAUTIFUL national park it is! We ventured to Moes Rock, Cape St George historic lighthouse which was so interesting to see and read about. We had a picnic at Green Patch, followed by another refreshing swim, then it was onto Murrays Beach which again is a must see beach! Waters so clear and blue with sand so beautifully white!

An entry pass to Booderee lasts two days so we went back for more the following day, spending time on the surf beach, Cave Beach where Mann and I did some surfing, the boys played non stop with their tonka trucks, we explored rock pools and the caves!

The holiday Park we stayed at, Huskisson Beach Holiday Park was beachside with shops close by so we were able to ride into town, we even rode in one night to Huskisson Pub for dinner!

This spot has to be one of the best places we have seen for all it has to offer! We can’t wait to go back again and explore some more!

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