From acne to self love

For as long as I can remember I’ve dealt with acne. As a teen I had it, as an adult I had, as a Mum I had it. You think that being an adult means you get out of those acne stages but for me it has not been the case. There’s been many times where I have been able to count 20-30 pimples on my face. I’d get deep blind pimples that would hang around for two weeks and give me so much pain. I’d wake up every morning with a new yellow mountain on my face somewhere. There’s been many times that I’ve stared at myself in the mirror asking why and crying. Some may think “what a superficial bitch” but try having it for years, and years, and years. Basically since I was a 13 year old teen till now at 28. I even felt embarrassed for Kurt that he had a Mum who looked this way and worried his friends who tease him for it (a case of overthinking – I think so now haha).

I’d tried every product on the market. From the teen targeted clean and clear, to pro active, benzac, witch hazel, Nivea, garnier, shiseido, you name it, I’d tried it. I’d been to the doctors and given a strict routine to try. Nothing worked. I changed my diet, drank more water, ate less dairy, ate no meat, went vegan. I’d tried absolutely everything I could think of that may help. Nothing ever did. Some things helped clear it up a bit but it was never something I’d look at and think “wow my skin looks great!”.

When I was pregnant with Kyle, I even had this horrible skin condition that the doctors called a hormonal rash. It was on my chin for about 5 months, and being pregnant they couldn’t give me anything for it. I would cover it up any chance I got. I remember being in labor with Kyle and still being in the early stages at home, I went into the bathroom and dabbed BB Cream on it because I didn’t want my photos with him like this when he was born. I didn’t want that memory.

Then mid through this year, I’d caught the virus impetigo and of course, it went all over my face. At the beginning I had no idea it was impetigo and cried every day as the sores would grow bigger and bigger. They were spreading and I felt like the only thing I could do was try my best to cover them up with make up like I always would. Sure covering them up doesn’t hide the fact of huge pimples but for me it felt like I could be seen by others without worrying “are they staring at my pimples”.

I shared these “acne” sores on my Insta story when I was broken and beaten by the whole thing. So many reached out saying it looks like impetago. Silly me, too use to acne and skin disorders, I never put together that I’d caught the impetago that Kyle had only had a week ago! I went to the doctors to get treatment and told my best friend all about it. I was worrying about scaring and how my skin would recover. She’s known how much I’ve hated my skin for all the years and asked me to please go in to Laser Clinics and see what they have to say. She’d been going there for a while and raved about how amazing the results were. I had a moment where I thought how much longer am I going to hate my skin for? How much longer am I going to live in fear of people staring at my acne and be sure to have my make up done first thing in the morning to hide it from my kids and my husband. I never felt good enough for him. He would always tell me he never notices but I’d think, how can you not?!

I booked myself into Laser Clinic, had a consultation discussing the products I’d been using at home – to find out they were all a big fat NO NO! They were all doing my skin more damage by using them as they were drying my skin out and irritating it. Convenience products are very much the same as convenience food! I went straight into treatments and a new routine. I was feeling so confident with all I had learnt in my consultation and all the products I’d bought home to try. I’d even been recommended a mineral make up to try that allows my skin to breath and to ditch my trusty old BB cream.

I started off with having enzymatic peels every two weeks and LED light therapy every week. I did 4 treatments of enzymatic peels then moved on to having ageless peels done every four weeks plus the LED light therapy every week still. When I had a ageless peel done, I would do two LED lights that week to help the skin repair after the peel. Fast forward to now and I’m having LED light therapy done every one-two weeks and am sticking with my strict home care routine of mists, moisturizers, exfoliating peels, retinol, cleansing and rejuvenating serums. Sounds like a lot right? These products are all on rotation, some I use every single day, some once a week, some every 2-3 days.

The most daunting part can be how much is this going to cost!?! My advice is to keep an eye on the specials that Laser Clinic offer. They’ve always got good deals happening so I would prepay for my treatments I wanted then book them in as needed. Taking advantage of the sales definitely makes it more affordable! I also found an online store that sells the make up  Young Blood which I now use and the skin products Skinstitut so much cheaper than in store! Click here to see for yourself!

I’m currently acne free and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that! I have not one pimple of my face and am living the dream I never thought I would – waking up fresh faced and going about my day make up free! It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. I love seeing my reflection back in the mirror now. I don’t have an urge to hide it away anymore. Sure I still get a few at that time of the month, but for me, I am happy! I’ve never felt so confident in my own skin like what I do now. Even my sister has said “Wow your skin is so smooth, I use to always see the lumps under your make up but you can’t see anything anymore!” That right there will stay with me forever.

NOTE: This blog post is not sponsored by Laser Clinic for promotion. This is my story using their services and treatments. Everyone’s skin is different and requires different routines and treatments. Please speak to a professional for a routine that will suit your skin type. Yes the photos below are MAKE UP FREE – CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH TO FRESH FACED SKIN!

Big love, Conn x


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