Serenity and adventure at Glenworth Valley

On our to see list has been the stunning Glenworth Valley, for their beautiful surrounding mountains, the misty mornings in valley, the sunsets at dawn, the fresh water steams that run all the way through the 3000 acre property, the running of the horses of an evening and did I mention the adventure options of horse riding, kayaking, laser skirmish,  abseiling and quad bikes? 

An opportunity came up for Mannie and I to go away for the weekend to Glenworth Valley, kid free! Say what?! That’s no typo. We actually went kid free for the first time in what feels like forever. A whole 24hour block of uninterrupted adventures, peace and serenity. PLUS A SLEEP IN! Though on arriving to Glenworth Valley Adventure Park, we did say to each other how bad we felt that they boys weren’t with us because they would have loved everything about the place! There’s always next time right?

We spent the first day unwinding into our surrounds, setting up camp, having a look around and having the afternoon free for a guided 2 hour horse trail ride down to Popran Creek. This was so exciting for us as we’d never been horse riding before and I absolutely love being able to do “firsts” together. The only thing I was nervous about was my horse having a mind of its own and wanting to gallop off into the distance leaving our tour behind haha! I learnt very quickly that the horses are all well trained and know to stay in a line and to follow the guide, so there’d be no galloping freely off into the distance today! The staff are so passionate, informative and reassuring, so all my nerves disappeared quickly and I knew I’d have control of what we were about to do. It took some convincing to get Mann to want to do the horse ride as he really wanted to do the abseiling, but I told him how romantic a horse ride would be. Not for one minute did I think it would be a whole body workout and that I’d feel battered and bruised after. The ride down to Popran Creek was magic, we passed so many creeks and old stables, we learnt to steer a horse and how to trot, but trying to walk after the ride for an inexperienced rider is a sight to see haha! Well worth it though!

It’s a daily ritual at Glenworth Valley Adventure Park that they do their famous Running of the Horses. This is where they have their 250 horses run down from the stables and back down into the valley to their paddock. Seeing this was a must and it was absolutely breath taking! I doubt I’ll ever see anything like it again. Just magic.

After, we went up to the top of the mountain with left over dinners of vegetarian lasagna and chicken pie, some wine, some tunes and we sat at the look out watching the sunset. The whole place to ourselves. It was pure bliss. This spot is also one spot that you can get good reception to make a phone call and check your messages so we phoned the boys to say goodnight and wish them sweet dreams.

Arriving back to camp we could see camp fires everywhere so we decided to spontaneously set one up for ourselves too, searching for logs and sticks in the bush when all three of our camp site neighbours came out to help and gave us some logs to use as we were completely unprepared. We got our fire going, topped up the wine glasses, played some tunes and got the deck of cards out playing Jin Rumie until bed time.

We were both so tired from the week that was, that we fell asleep so quickly come bedtime and woke at 7.30 to the view of misty valleys and birds. Legendary me forgot to restock our pantry with coffee (of all things it had to be the coffee), so Mann went up to the cafe and bought back the most delicious coffees to have in bed. Then we cooked up a vegetarian breakfast of fresh kale and cherry tomatoes from our garden, with some baked beans and fried eggs. Camping without this for breakfast just isn’t the norm anymore haha!

Then we set foot, heading down to the paddocks for an explore to scope out the perfect spots for swimming and kayaking when we come next. Santa has given us the heads up that kayaks will be under our tree this year for the kids, so we wanted to nut it all out for our next trip with the kids. We found sandy banks and fresh water creeks, perfect for setting up a day with the family, and even for ourselves. Luckily we went for our walk prepared to find the perfect swimming spot. It was clothes off and time to have a little dip ourselves!

We spent some time by the creek and before we knew it, it was time to pack the caravan up and head back home to the boys. I’ve got to say, a one nighter down in Glenworth Valley Adventure Park for Mannie and I to have some couples time, with nothing but peace, serenity and all the nature with us was just perfect. There is nothing quite like getting back to basics and resetting your soul. We’re already looking forward to coming back again!

Highlights for us would be the sunset dinner, running of the horses, the amount of butterflies everywhere, and how peaceful and serene the whole valley is. It’s like no other place we’ve seen before. Just magical.

Be sure to book a trip to Glenworth Valley and follow them on Instagram!

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