The story behind our Landy

So long ago now, a whole eleven and a bit years ago when Mann and I started dating, I’d always be told the story of how Manns dad was a Land Rover mechanic for over 30 years. Mann would tell me stories about all the old land rovers that his dad would work on at the work shop, and how he would always go through his Dads tool chest and play with all the tools his Dad would use to fix them. It’s a sentimental memory for Mann, it’s something he adores about his childhood and who his father was.

When Manns father suddenly passed four years ago, Mann inherited his Dads tool chest that you can see here, with all the tools that his Dad used for work. The tool box has sat on our workshop bench ever since collecting dust with hopes of it going to use one of these days. Today, the tool box came down, it was opened up and Mann used the same tools his Dad used, this time on his very own Land Rover. Ross knew everything about these cars, and Mann will always say that these cars were something that Dad knew inside and out. Manns goal here is to learn everything he can about these old beauties, just like his Dad. He may be gone now, but the legend will absolutely and most definitely live on through Mann now. Yesterday when the old owner of this defender shook Manns hand and said “It’s yours” I got so teary and instantly grabbed Mann and gave him a cuddle in front of this stranger telling him how happy I was for him. This is something that is so close to his heart and knowing how much it means to him, and that he finally has one is just unexplainable. On the drive home, even Mann got emotional at the realisation that he had made this dream come true for himself and in memory of his Dad. Mann, I’m genuinely and whole heartedly happy for you. I know your Dad will be smiling down and helping you in spirit to become the Landy man you’re determined to become. As much as you say the knowledge of these went when your dad went, I have no doubt that you being the person that you are, that you too will learn everything there is to know about these beauties.

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