Exploring Port Stephens… Again!

Our go to place for a spontaneous weekend away has always been Port Stephens. For us, it’s not a long drive to get there which makes for extra time to explore! Packing up quickly and going is made easier these days with our caravan now fully equipped for trips away. All we need to pack is our clothes, food and toiletries! 

Only being here two weeks previous to this trip, we had so much we wanted to do again but didn’t quite get to it all. So we packed up again, this time with family and cousins in convoy too.

We headed to a new spot we’ve been wanting to try out which was Soldiers Point Big 4. On their website and in the Big 4 holiday park guide, this park looked incredible for families and it was even better in person! Indoor heated pool and water park, outdoor pool and slide, pedal carts for the kids, an indoor jungle gym for the little ones, park, climbing nets, trampolines, a Jungle Book themed bike track, herb gardens, kiosk and they even have a coffee van arrive every morning for the adults. Winning!

Arriving just in time for our getaway was the boys Bedhead Hats which come in a range of prints, colours and even some for swimming!

We spent our days lazing around the park, swimming in the pools and getting out and exploring the bay some more. We played tour guides to our family who came along and showed them the beautiful Mount Tomaree hike. I’ve got to say, getting 5 kids up between the ages of 2-9 was easier than anticipated. They were all so excited about getting to the top that the whinging to get to there was so minimal. Stopping at any and every look out point is a must though! Preserve the kids energy as long as you can because it is one big hike!

After, we headed down into Shoal Bay for some swimming and SUP. Getting some SUP time in while we are there is probably my most favourite thing to do and after hiking up Mount Tomaree, you’ll have a sweat worked up and ready for a cool down haha!

Another favourite spot of ours is Taylor’s Beach where your chances of finding hundreds and thousands of tiny soldier crabs is high! Walking down the bank you’ll see them scattering across the sand. The kids love this experience and getting hands on with them. Because they’re only tiny, their bite is next to nothing! The kids loved watching them burrow down into the sand as well.

Of course the boys had to be just Daddy, pretending to drive 4WDs and getting bogged and towing each other out. The cutest thing ever!

We spent our nights at the vans, chatting, cooking, having a few cocktails, listening to music, the kids riding their bikes and making their own fun. At dark it was all amount glow sticks, sparklers and lollies. My niece even made everyone some plaited headbands for us all to wear.

A cruisey, relaxed weekend away, with slow mornings, adventure days and afternoon chills at the van is a happiness like no other. Being on the road on the weekends is a lifestyle we only wish we had made happen sooner.

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