My soul cleansing list for resetting, recharging and refocusing.

A week off Instagram, who would have thought they’d ever see the day that I do such a thing?! Sharing our day to day and the weekend adventures has become something a lot of you love tuning into daily, something I guess I didn’t realise until I announced I’d be taking a small breather. 

Over 150 messages came flooding in, so much so you all literally sent my account into a panic I guess you’d call it. It was doing all kinds of crazy things and posting between my business account and social account incorrectly and getting my messages between these accounts confused. So deleting the app and reinstalling helped reset my Instas! Never imagined so much love and light would come in, so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Having this little break came at a time where I needed to refocus my energy into making myself stronger, by getting my mind refocused, my heart in the right spot, letting go of things I can’t change and my goals reassessed. I’m happy to say I have done these things, and have done so with the help of a list I wrote (on paper with a pen! No notes in my phone haha! I was determined to use my phone less, I even wore a watch to tell the time).

I listed some things I thought long and hard about what I feel would help me have a week full of soul searching again. It helped so much that I wanted to share it with you incase you’re in need, or ever find yourself in need of a cleanse.

Self cleansing:

♡ Watch the sun set

♡ Meditate

♡ Start each day with a coffee on the back deck

♡ Read a book

♡ Watch a documentary

♡ Spend time in the garden

♡ Be mindful and present

♡ Feed your body well

♡ Have a bath

♡ Watch videos of the boys as babies

♡ Learn more about Pisces

♡ Donate to charity

♡ Learn something new for the veggie garden

♡ Remind yourself why your weaknesses are a strength

Something that wasn’t on my list, but is something I was able to do during this week was a full moon crystal cleanse which was ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. I spent an hour out on the back deck cleaning, cleansing and connecting with my crystals. It was bliss and recharged so many pieces of me.

I also took some self maintence time out and booked myself into the hair dresser to get myself a fresh new colour that I’ve been contemplating doing. Hellooooo rose gold and pink tones! By my one and only Kylie at Peachies!

Every day I would read this list and make sure I was on my way to completing each idea. It’s amazing how beautiful having a hot coffee on the back deck in the crisp fresh air while listening to the birds wake can be. And donating to charity didn’t have to be of dollar value. I donated two bags of clothing and goods to my local St Vincent De Paul. I read more about my star sign to help me understand my heart, my mind and my actions more. Watching videos of the boys as babies made all those flutters come flying back and made me realise how much and how quickly they have grown and that I need to cherish every moment (as hard as it can be at times because parenting is damn hard!). Reading a book, I’ve only ever read one book in my life from start to finish. I loose interest too quickly and find my mind wanders off even though I’m “reading” the words. I could read a whole page but not have one clue what I just read because my mind wasn’t in the moment and focusing on what I was doing. So it’s been a personal goal of mine foreverrrrrrrr to master the skill of reading a book haha! I’m 5 chapters in to “The Four Agreements” and can’t wait to pick it up again and get lost in it. It’s helping shape the way I look the world for the better. Stumbling across the spiritual shop in Nelson Bay has now shown me that I didn’t just “stumble” across it and that the ladies I spoke to about finding more freedom to were there that day for a purpose and to show me what I needed for the week that was coming. These things don’t just happen, I really believe I was being pushed to find this shop because I did contemplate walking down a different street but something said to take this road! So glad I did. This book is a game changer.

A fair few of you sent me some really inspiring quotes, and one that I absolutely loved reading over and over again was this one.

I spent so much time in my garden caring for it and harvesting fresh produce to cook with. Even feeling hungry mid morning, I’d go over and pick cherry tomatoes and strawberries fresh and eat them, just standing there smiling, looking up and appreciating being able to grow produce like this!

If ever you’re in a point in your life where you can feel you need to refocus, I recommend referring to my list and seeing if it helps you like it did me. If you try it, let me how it helps you. I always love chatting so don’t be shy to let me know.

Love and light

Conn x

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