Caravan Renovation Q&As

With the reveal of our much anticipated caravan renovation, we were absolutely blown away with the love and clicks to the blog received. It was a renovation that we were so proud of, and you guys just helped bring it home for us, that what we had achieved was incredible. A big thank you to all who shared their love!

As expected, there are questions asked about our caravan renovation, so I thought I would log them all here on the blog for future reference. Those wanting to know a thing or two about our personal reno, here’s where you can find the answers. Keep in mind this is just the way we did our renovation, it doesn’t make it the right way or the wrong way. 



Q) Will the tiles crack with movement when travelling? And where are they from?
A) One of our best friends is a tiler by trade. He’s done all our tiling work in our kitchen of our home, so with our caravan, we quizzed his brain on the best way to achieve subway tiles in the caravan so we could have our home and caravan flow. We recommended we use a product called Villa Board behind the tiles, so this was installed before the tiling was done. We did this same process a year ago when we first bought our caravan and can safely say they never once cracked on our travels, in fact, half of the splash back is the original one we did put in. We just extended it across. We got them from Bunnings. They are the bevilled edge subway tile.

Q) What do you think of the convection oven?
A) We personally really, really love it! Our retired family friends sold their caravan a few months back now and with that, they gave us their convection oven out of their van as they highly recommended it. We took it away with us to Byron Bay and used it, my gosh did we love it! It was a nice change from a BBQ dinner, we cooked pork belly, potatoes, pumpkin, garlic and cherry tomatoes in it and the smell was incredible! Even better, it tasted delish! You’re able to cook anything you would regularly cook in an oven with the convection oven. Cakes, baked dinner, casseroles, you name it! We love it because it portable, convenient and can easily be stored away. We love ours so much that even our besties bought one for their vintage caravan!

Q) What flooring did you use, where is it from and what colour is it called?
A) We used vinyl laminate planks from Bunnings, and the colour is called Springfield . They were so easy to cut and lay. They are also super easy to clean. We take our handheld Dyson with us to vacuum the caravan out, or if there’s just a bit of mess, they are easy to sweep and mop with our Bona mop we purchased from Harvey Norman. Again, we considered things like our vacuum and mop so we could take them with us if need be. Our mop has the detergent bottle attached to the handle and sprays the solution on the floor. A quick mop and its done!

Q) How do you travel with all your decor?
A) A question I get asked a lot, and honestly it is not as bad as its seems. Almost everything is secured in place. All the buntings and hangings, all secured. My shelves, all secured, the only things I pack away are the things on my white cane shelf and what ever is on the dining table. I store all of these in a cane basket which then stores under our bed while travelling. Things like the towels and books, I did a live video on instagram showing how I lay them down in the shelf when travelling and they don’t come out. Also the shelf above the kitchen, we specifically built it to the dimensions of the pieces we wanted stored in it. The only thing I take out is the vintage pot, and i wedge a glow stick conatiner in the same spot to stop the other things sliding. Doing this takes all of 3 minutes – if that! The styling of our caravan was considered for travelling and for us, we like to take home away with us and by having decor, it always makes our caravan feel cosy, homely and like us.

Q) Where are your curtains from?
A) We purchased all our material from Spotlight, I’m not sure on the name of the fabric, but it is a light grey. One of our neighbours kindly made up all our curtains for us in return for some help from my husband to help demo their bathroom when the day comes that they renovate it!

Q) Where do I store all my cushions?
A) I store my 5 cushions under one of the bench seats in the dining area. I like having the cushions for the day as I can dress it up as a relaxing daybed for the whole family to enjoy, then by night, I can pop them away and have it as our bed.

Q) What paint colour did you use for the interior?
A) We used the same colour as inside our home, Twill by Taubmans. We did this to get the same homely flow in both of our homes. With the white, I used an interior low sheen flat white.

Q) What size is your caravan?
A) Our viscount is a 16ft body and overall, is 20ft including the axle.

Q) What size is your bed?
A) Our bed is a double. My husband and both laid on the mattresses in Clark Rubber testing out the space for us both on it together. We comfortably both laid on the double mattress. The size is a regular double bed size.

Q) You’ve inspired us to buy a caravan, how much should I budget for?
A) It will depend on the price of your caravan. We paid under $3000 for ours, spent under $3000 doing a full demo renovation and previously spent $600 on the flooring, upholstery and curtains. We then also had to have our caravan blue slipped, weighed and registered, then there are things like insurance, road side service, which are all another cost to factor in. You will need to consider all your options like if you’re going to be set up for free camping, powered camping or both. Free camping, you will need battery power and gas. Powered, you won’t. We chose to have our caravan set up for powered with kids as for us it makes things a lot easier. Each family is different with their likes and needs, so just weigh up which option would work for you.

Q) How did you paint the exterior of your caravan?
A) We ummed and arghed over whether or not to spray the exterior or to roll it. We didn’t want over spray going on our house or our neighbours. We are in a facebook campers group so we reached out for recommendations and many said to roll with a high gloss enamel for a brush and streak free finish. We spoke to the professionals at the paint shop and they agreed too. So we purchased a 4L tin of high gloss enamel paint in a dusty beige shade and were set! We used a thick hair roller and gave it two coats. There was no need for primer the paint guy said, just sand the caravan back, give it a good clean with prep wash and off you go. We are very happy with how the rolled look has turned out!

Q) What did you use to seal your walls?
A) We used an all in one under coat, sealer, primer and stain killer by Zinsser called Bulls Eye 123. We bought this straight off the shelf at Bunnings.



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