Blue Mountains Adventure

Our first weekend away in our newly renovated caravan was to the Blue Mountains. A place where I was born and lived for the first five years of my life, a place where my parents grew up, a place where my Grandma (we call her Mama) still lives after 65years. We always love to get down and visit Mama when we can but always do a day trip seeing her with no time for exploring. So over the weekend, we camped in Mama’s backyard which backs onto bushland, and gave ourselves more time to get out and show the boys around the Blue Mountains.

We left on Saturday morning after football, so excited to be taking the old girl out for her first trip since being complete. The boys were so excited, all Kyle would say was ‘caravan” and Kurt absolutely loves camping so he was so happy to be doing it again. It took about 2hr 20mins to arrive to Mama’s from home which is so good for travelling with a caravan on the back!

We kept Saturday afternoon cruisy, catching up with Mama, setting ourselves up and meeting Mama’s new neighbours who are such lovely people. They are currently renovating their cottage style home – and we had total house envy over how beautiful a job they are doing haha! They gave us the full tour, boy I want to find myself a cute little cottage one of these days! The boys played with their kids and we later set ourselves up for the night and our first nights sleep in the caravan. I will say I do prefer camping when it’s not so cold, being able to sit outside under the stars when the boys go to bed, it’s one of my favourite things to do when we go away. It was just far too cold to stay outside, so hubby and I jumped in bed at 8pm with our portable heater on to warm up the caravan, had a little chat and not long after, fell asleep.

We woke up Sunday morning with nothing but exploring on all our minds. We got ready and left Mama’s, heading north for Katoomba first up. We went to The Three Sisters and did the walk down to Honeymoon Bridge. It was such a steep walk down the stairs at the end and so windy on the bridge! But it was such a beautiful view. There was low cloud coverage across the mountains which was just so magical. 

After The Three Sisters, we headed for a drive past my Nana and Grandpa’s old house they lived in when I was a kid. I still remember slurping 2 minute curry noodles in the front yard with my cousins haha. The house looked so different to what it did 23 years ago, but it was nice to relive those memories with Nana and Grandpa.

After that, we stopped by a park that was filled with beautiful Autumn trees and had a play with the boys among the fallen leaves. Kyle found a little creek and a fallen tree that bridged over the creek. The sound of the trickling little waterfall was so soothing and relaxing.

We then drove to Luera Cascades and did the hike down to the bottom of the waterfalls. This walk was a perfect walk to do with kids as it was all pathed, mostly flat for the first half of the walk and some steps towards the end which weren’t hard at all. It was the perfect waterfall walk to do with kids! There was plenty to stop and look at on the way down as well.

While we spent our morning exploring, my little brother and his girlfriend decided to join us on the Blue Mountains for the day, so they’d been driving down and we had all planned to surprise Mama with their visit and take her out for some lunch. She absolutely loved the surprise and told us it was the happiest she’d been in a long time. My Mama is such a special part of my life, since the day I was in my mothers womb, my Mama always tells me of the connection she had instantly with me. We’ve always remained close with one another and I just adore the woman she is and how strong she has been for so many years, raising five children solo. 

After we had lunch, my brother drove Mama home to rest (she is 82!) and while we waited to meet back up with him and Hannah, we followed some signs in Wentworth Falls to a historic 1890 cottage. It would have to go down as one of the best spontaneous things we have done. Arriving at the Tarella Cottage, there were vintage cars and a beautiful property so many of us would dream of living on. There was an admission price of $5 per adult and $2 for children. We went in and did the tour of the old kitchen which was external to the main house. It was absolutely mind blowing to see how they use to have to cook back in those days. There were so many old vintage pots and utensils, an open oven, a dining setting, and there was so much beauty to it all. You could see the age in everything in the room, knowing that with all these things, there is a story to be told about the many discussions had at that table, all the meals that were cooked in the open oven, all the times the dishes would have been washed, and to know that they are still there to this very day, makes you think how all our things we own will one day end up, if our stories will be passed on and on down to the family generations.

It was actually more of an eye opener for how unneccesary so much of what we have is. Back in the old days, they all had a way of getting things done, making sure their clothes were washed, that they were fed, that they were showered, that they had use of a toilet, they had a way for all the necessities. These days, all our “necessities” are technology operated, our tvs, our washing machines, our ovens, our cook tops, heck, I bet there is even a technology operated toilet and shower somewhere. It was an experience that was really grounding for Kurt to see, and in a few years time when Kyle is older, I’d love to go back and show him so he can learn all about it as well.

After we finished the Tarella Cottage tour, we went into Luera to a fine chocolate shop for a sugar fix, then a drive through Wentworth Falls National Park while Kyle got some sleep. We later ventured down to Mama’s and made the decision to head home a day early as it was set to be a very cold night of minus 1 degrees, we were already frozen from our day of exploring so decided to wrap it up as we had seen all that we had wanted.

We plan to head back down in Spring when it warms up again and go on the zigzag railway when it reopens, plus see some more waterfalls my Dad has recommended to me. I’ve always had a perception of the Blue Mountains as such cold and earry place, but now that I’ve found a love for nature and the beauty within, I really loved taking in all the beauty of the mountains, the mist, the trees, the cottages, all the antique stores. There is so much to see in the Blue Mountains, I don’t think one could ever run out of places to explore there!

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