Our Camping Checklists

Every time we go away I make checklists. Notice the “s” on the end of checklists. That’s because I make many, for all different things. Call it OCD or call it organsied. I’m yet to decide which one I’ll call it haha!

Before our Byron Bay trip, I showed my checklists to you on my instagram story and since then I’ve had a lot of interest as to what I put on our checklists, so I thought I’d share them here with you so you can create your own for when you go away.

I have all my checklists saved in a file on the computer. When it comes time to go away, I’ll edit them if required to suit what trip we are taking, then I’ll print them off and start ticking off my to do’s! I’ve found this a much more easier way of remembering everything, every time we go away. It helps me stay organised and not leave anything at home. I have checklists for each of us, then I also have two others, one for things to do around the house before go, and another with things to do the morning before we go.

Conn Checklist Camping

Kurt Checklist Camping

Kyle Checklist Camping

Mann Checklist Camping

To Do Check List Camping

Over all Checklist Camping

I plan to simplify our lists as we get our van stocked completely over time which will make packing up and going away spontaneously a lot more easier, especially on those quick weekend getaways!

If you have any check list must haves, let me know! I’m always up for more organisation haha!

Big love
Connie x

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