JORD Wood Watches. The timeless piece for my husband.

This month I’ve been lucky enough to team up with JORD Watches, an american label specialising in natural wooden watches. I especially picked one out just for my husband, because when looking through their online store, all I could see was one on his arm. They looked exactly like something he would love. And boy was I right!

I always am stumped at special occasions with what to buy my husband. Every birthday, fathers day, Christmas, Valentines Day, I always find myself thinking ahead months in advance, trying to come up with something he will love. If only I’d heard about JORD watches before! Because he is utterly in love with their watches.

The wooden watches made by JORD are stunning. I kid you not. When opening up the package, both of us were amazed at the packaging and quality of these watches. The way JORD package their watches is out of this world and will revolutionize the way watches are packaged from now on. They are a high quality made watch, with a unique finish of timber in all different shades of wood and colour options. For my husband, the Frankie Series stood out for him, with the Dark Sandalwood and Smoke watch catching his eye. He loves the coloured tones of the wood, and the watch face is simple yet stylish at the same time, with rose gold hands and points.

The watch is presented in a timeless timber box, complete with a hessian watch cushion, cleaning cloth, a separate draw with air vents and humidity control. Yep, you read right – humidity control! I told you JORD are revolutionizing the way watches are packaged. They also come with a one year warranty for extra piece of mind.

These watches are a perfect dress watch for going out, wearing to the office, or even day to day. My personal opionion – these watches are the now. They are hitting the trends with their features, tones and colours. Now I’m going to have to get myself one, just so my husbands watch isnt better than mine haha!

Love what you’ve read? Want a JORD watch for yourself or your husband? Want to win a $100 ecard to put towards your new JORD watch? Then enter this amazing giveaway! Ive teamed up with JORD to give one lucky winner the chance to win one! Follow the link here for all the details. Good luck!

Disclaimer: The giveaway is now open and will run through 2/26/17 at 11:59pm. As a refresher, the giveaway is pretty simple and pretty cool! Anyone who enters through the giveaway link above, will get a $25 JORD e gift code, and 1 winner will get a $100 JORD e gift code! Both codes will expire on 4/30/17. Also, we will randomly select the winner, and email them, along with everyone who enters!

Big Love,

Connie x

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