Soul Medicine

So you’re all fully aware of my new found love of life and what’s helped me to get there. All the different methods and rituals I’ve been trying, all the practices I’ve been learning a long the way. For many of you, it’s left you curious and wanting to learn more yourselves, so you too can be the best version of yourself. And not just for you, but for the people around you. So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt so far, the tools I’ve used to start my new found path and my personal recommendations on getting started. 

It’s been just over a year since I started out on my mindful and wellbeing journey and I have no plans of ever looking back. The overall difference it’s made to my whole being honestly blows my mind. I am so calm, collected, peaceful, at ease and most importantly, I am happy. The kind of happy that you can literally feel run through your blood. I’ve found a new way of looking at life and it’s all through the same set of eyes, just a different outlook. It is possible to train your mind and fall in love with life again.

I can’t count how many times my husband has said to me he notices the shift in me, and he loves it. He will continually tell me how happy he is for me for finding this path and myself again. I’ll even hear him on the phone talking to family and friends about it, and he’s always got nothing but positive things to say about my journey to whoever he speaks to. To be honest, I was worried how family would perceive me and maybe even judge me for starting down this path, but they’ve all been wonderful. I’ve had a few light hearted jokes thrown at me and I’ve been quick to let them know why and how it’s changed my life and they all completely get it and support it. Even that in itself, why do I worry about what others may think? I am still myself. I have just evolved and am learning how I will navigate my way through life.

And I promise, you can too! It’s got to be something you want whole heartedly. You need to be ready and accepting of change. If you’re ready to simplify your life and open up your mind and heart, then keep reading.

My Routine

Most days I will meditate when Kyle is asleep and I know Kurt is occupied for 15 minutes or at school. If I’m unable to grab time then, my husband will make sure I get that time somewhere throughout the day by keeping the kids busy, that I way I get uninterrupted time where I can concentrate 100% on what I’m doing. I’ll set myself up either in my bedroom, lounge room, caravan or the back deck. Which ever space is quieter at that particular time. Some days I’ll hold a crystal in each hand if I feel I’m needing an energy push. Lighting candles or incense while meditating is helpful too. It can help awaken your senses. My favourite spot is outside though, being with natures sounds and in the elements.

Every month I will cleanse my crystals under the full moon. This renews their energies and powers so that your crystals are working to their full potential. There are many many different crystals out there, it is best to choose a few to start with that are best suited to the emotions you are wanting to work on. There also a few different ways of cleansing your crystals, however I do love letting the moon do her magic.

This year I’ve started reading daily affirmations which a local meditation practitioner has written. It’s called The Power of Creating Through Affirmations. Each morning I will read one affirmation. There are 365 affirmations, which is perfect for starting out the new year. But you don’t have to start on the new year like I have. Any time is a great time to start working on yourself. Starting your day with a positive mindset can make a huge difference to your whole day. It’s absolutely worth giving a try!

My favourite crystal is citrine, because it is an overall positive and healing crystal that works best for what I’m looking for. It is a stone that helps with living in the moment and appreciating the simple things in life. I bought some citrine crystal earrings from Tree of Life and I wear them everyday so I have citrine with me wherever I go. That way the crystal is working for me and keeping me on path no matter where I am. Citrine is also a healer for the female reproductive system – which after my surgery on my cervix, I believe in prevention rather than intervention. I also wear clear quartz around my neck as quartz is also a great crystal for clarifying your mind and is also great for your immune system.

I recommend buying a Himalayan salt lamp. They cleanse your air and rid of any moisture too. They are a brilliant natural healer and cleanser for your whole body and immune system. They are a must!

Through out the day, i mostly opt for the relaxation channel on foxtel now, rather than channel V. I find it sets the mood for the house and everybody in it. I also have a fair few relaxation albums on my phone that I’ve downloaded which I love to listen to as well while cooking, showering, working and relaxing.

Each month I will set intentions for that particular month. I will set my stones out on my grid board so the crystals can navigate their energies out into my space. Each month I will choose crystals that I believe best suit the intentions I am setting. I will set intentions such as, be more mindful, carefree, show gratitude, smile at the flowers, simple but important things.

Opening up my mind and heart has also made me mindful of what foods I eat. We like to at least one night a week make a vegan dish for dinner that the whole family will love. Particularly Kurt is fond of vegan nights, as he refuses to eat any meat, especially if there is a sight of a bone.

So you want to get started?

My recommendations for getting started if you’re wanting to simplify your life, clear your mind and live a happy, stress free life.


The Little Book of Crystals by Judy Hall. This book is one I found to be perfect for beginners as it isn’t overwhelming with information. It tells you everything you need to know about the most common crystals and rituals, including cleansing and setting intentions. I got mine online from Tree of Life, or they also sell it in store.

The Power of Creating Through Affirmations by Laurie Leah Levine. A positive and clarifying way to start each day. I purchased mine from a local healing store, but you can also purchase them from Laurie’s website here.


I definitely recommend reading the book, The Little Book of Crystals to learn which ones will work best for you first, but you can’t go wrong with amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, tigers eye or rose quartz. You can purchase stones from healing stores, crystal stores, Tree of Life, markets, Mindful Living Mama.

You can purchase a grid board from one of my favourite Instagram stores, Mindful Living Mama. She has a beautiful grid board made in collaboration with her sister Zilvi which is what I use. There also many gorgeous pieces in Mindful Living Mamas store that are perfect for beginning your journey so make sure you check out her store!


Take 10-15 minutes minimum out of your day for a daily meditation session. I use the guided meditation app Headspace. You’ll be amazed at how calming and clarifying meditation is. Set yourself up in a quiet space, free of distractions and interruptions. Make sure you put your phone on silent and give your whole self to the practice to get the best results. My little tip: smile when you open your eyes at the end. Feels incredible!

I am currently looking into joining meditation classes with a professional healer once or twice a week, just to give me that separation from home as working from home and having a hobby at home leaves me feeling like a caged lion sometimes. I believe going to some classes will do wonders for my whole being and it will give me that time out away from everything at the house.


If you don’t have foxtel for the relaxation or chill out music stations, i highly recommend downloading these albums/songs off itunes:

Lifestyle De-Stress by Mark Wilson. My personal favourites from the album are Reiki, Meditation and Nature.

One of my absolute favourites is River Flows in You by Yiruma.

Yoga by Mark Wilson.

Total Relaxation – Music for Serenity 

I cant recommend starting up on a wellness path enough. I know I go on and on about it sometimes, but that’s only because I believe in it. I was honestly down and out in 2015. I was in a spiralling hole and I could feel it. I knew it. My husband knew it. I didn’t want help from a doctor or a therapist, I wanted to show myself I was capable of setting myself free. Free from anger, hate, over thinking, sadness, neglect, pain, anxiety, worry. That’s where this journey came in. I gave it a go and I will never look back. It has opened up my heart even further, my mind like I never thought it could, my soul is pure and enriched with happiness and love. I’ve never felt so free and sure of myself and who I am. You can too, you’ve just got to unlock it. It’s there to be found, you’ve just got to want to find it.

Good luck!

Big love

Connie x

2 thoughts on “Soul Medicine

  1. This has uplifted my mood, thank you for sharing this. I’m now where you started and feel lost and numb, you have given me something to grab hold of. My heart is open to this. You’re an inspiration xx


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