Our holiday to do list

Last Summer I put my whole self into getting back to basics and finding myself again. It was something I needed to do for  the boys, my husband and myself. I’d literally been so drained and consumed by my mothers dramas and acheing for her that I’d lost sight of who I was and became this shell of myself. I was here, but I wasn’t here. I took back control of my life and for the past twelve months I’ve been focusing on myself first and foremost. It scares me to think how I would be and who I would be, if I never did make these changes.

I’ve been putting myself into nature, meditation, yoga, bike rides, walks on the lake, snorkelling, beach trips, crystal healing, plus we’ve had two major renovations this year – our kitchen and our caravan. Doing all these things have left me feeling so free, open minded, less caring of the small stuff – I literally just can’t even be bothered with it. I’d much rather keep my inner peace than to let something upset me. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of being able to recognise those signs and putting a stop to it. It’s like a feeling of power and inner peace all rolled into one. I’m so much more relaxed around the house and even with the boys, im able to block out their silly stuff and not let it get to me. You know when they’re being so loud and you just want to yell “be quiet!” Or they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing but then you think, does it really matter if they do that, they’re not being naughty, they’re not harming anything, the only problem here is me being me and I need to let go a bit. Kids are kids, they’re going to do things they shouldn’t but do I really need to micromanage every thing they do? Sure, the dangerous things, yes. But I’ve given them back some Freedom also, to let them be children.

So now Christmas is upon us and I have Kurt home for six weeks and Kyle home for three weeks. Hubby and I looked at each other and said, we need to make a list of things to do over the holidays. Nothing far fetched, something acheivable and on a next to nothing budget. I tell you what, renovating a kitchen and a caravan in one year out of your back pocket is not the most smartest financial move we’ve made haha! I don’t recommend it but at the same time don’t regret it. Lesson learnt.

Another back to basics list has been made for these summer holidays, here’s what we’ve come up with:

• Snorkelling Toowoon Bay, Nelson Bay, Cabbage Tree Bay.

• Beach trips to our favourite spots – Cabbage Tree, Fraser Beach, Toowoon Bay, Nelson Bay.

• Trip down to Hawkesbury River for a picnic, fish and explore.

• Bush walk in The Wattagans Forest, Somersby, Nelson Bay.

• Use the kids free zoo passes they have for Taronga Zoo – thank you Hungry Jacks kids meals!

• Use the two free movie passes we got off hubby’s frequent flyer rewards program

• Swansea pool trips

• Take the caravan away at least twice

• Teach the three eldest kids to play monopoly

• Bike rides along the lake

• Palm weaving

• Play at the parks

• Hike the Summit of Mount Tomaree

• Local fishing trips – Budgewoi bridge, The Entrance Channel, Swansea Channel.

While we aren’t aiming to tick off every single idea, we want to give it a good try. Mostly everything there is free, it’s just a bit of petrol and paying for camping sites.

Our caravan will be ready to hit the road for the first time these holidays which the whole family are super excited about. Stay tuned for her grand reveal, including her new paint job, her name, and more!

Bring on Summer 16/17 holidays!

Merry Christmas and big love,

Connie x

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