The Peach Box + The Connie Diaries. Christmas Gifts Sorted.

I love an effortless look that has a hint of style. Nothing too boring but nothing too in your face either. That rule of mine applies to my jewellery choices too. Basic, dainty, rose gold, something with a bit of a sparkle to it, and of course, something that is quality.

This week I’ve been lucky enough to style and wear some beautiful pieces from The Peach Box + Marc Bale just in time for Christmas.

Kurt has already told me for Christmas he will get me a bottle of perfume. I found it funny that my six year old knew the go to gift idea for a Mum. But what about the other things that Mums like too? Yes there’s always chocolates, flowers, but don’t forget the jewellery too kiddo.

If your kids are like mine and have a set go to present at every special occasion, it’s time to point them in the direction of The Peach Box. I’d be more than happy to be unwrapping a Marc Bale leather and rose gold time piece plus a rose gold braclet.

The watch is made from quality black leather with a rose gold face and hands. I’ve been eyeing off leather watches for some time now and am absolutely thrilled to own my very own black leather watch. To dress my new watch up just a bit, I’ve opted for a dainty rose gold braclet. Nothing that takes the attention away from the star of the show, but something that makes it pop.

And the best part about both pieces, they’re both able to be worn with any outfit. No swapping and changing jewellery choices to suit an outfit, because these pieces are basic yet stylish enough to suit whatever you have on. For me as a busy mum always on the run out the door on a school morning, this is something that will help keep me organised and obviously on time haha!

Spread the word to your kids and your husband ladies. Don’t forget to let them in on my special code I have for you too! Get 15% off your order by using the code: theconniediaries at check out. Run don’t walk to

You’re welcome!

Big love, Connie x

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