Our Kitchen Renovation | Part Two

Early July 2016 is when it all began. The walls were taken out, load bearing beams were installed and our plan was under way to create our dream kitchen. A space that was nothing but a box with an extremely outdated kitchen would become an open living space for the whole family to live and entertain in. Sounds easy enough right? We may have underestimated how “easy” this project would be. It’s been time consuming, hard labour and from a woman’s point of view, a lot of broken finger nails!

Almost four months down the track and we can now say our kitchen is complete. But what a road it was to get there. Renovating a kitchen with a young family and thriving home business, it sure tested how much this household can take. Hubby and I always said the kitchen would be our present to ourselves, our reward for doing the rest of the house. We said we’d let the kitchen company and trades do all the work and we’d sit back and enjoy them doing the hard work. Yeh, we kind of had a lot to do in order for the kitchen company ( Hats Off Kitchens) to be able to install our cabinetry. Upon pulling out the old kitchen we found mouldy soft walls which needed resheeting, all our tradies were friends so to save a few dollars we offered to do whatever we could to make their job easier. So there was removal of the old floor and sheeting it with cement sheets ready for the tiles. That is a job and a half! Over 1000 nails all individually hammered in by my husband. There was gyprock resheeting to do which we did ourselves to save us a few dollars again. Easy enough job – with our luck, not so easy. We literally just had it up and dried in time for the installers. The amount of dust that was put through our home over 4 months was enough to make snow angels in. We spent so much time hanging drop sheets, vacuuming, dusting, wiping walls and furniture down. Something we didn’t think of! One of the walls we removed had our dining room light switch on it, which had to be disconnected while we renovated. So it was four months of eating dinner in a dim room with no light. There were many damages which occurred over the time of or renovation to the areas that we’d just had completed, like holes, scratches or paint marks on the walls/roof which would all need to be redone time after time. I could literally go on and on with all the things that got under our skin while we renovated our kitchen. Sure, we sound like spoilt brats. I mean, some people would only dream of being able to redo their kitchen now they want to and you have us here whinging the whole way through. It was four months of repetitive tasks to progress our kitchen. It takes its toll on you. I use to think we could go on The Block for sure. I don’t think that anymore haha! I’ve told hubby, the next house we buy will have the kitchen ready done!

Though, saying all that there has been this feeling of fulfilment, achievement and content. To see our plans start turning into a reality before our eyes gives you those warm and fuzzies in your belly. I couldn’t count how many excitement quivers I had. I’m a person that can’t contain my excitement and happiness. I show it in its full state. Watching the cabinets be installed had me smiling from ear to ear. Again with the floor tiles, the handles going on, the splash back being laid, the pendant lights going in. All those progressions had both hubby and I excited and feeling like we were one step closer to having our dream kitchen.

Now that it’s complete, I got to do my favourite part which was styling the space with bits I’d bought especially for the kitchen. Standing back and looking in at the room we’ve created, we couldn’t be more happier or prouder of ourselves. Blood, sweat and tears went into making this happen, as well as many laughs, smiles and high fives. We actually did it. We didn’t just talk about doing it one day like we have been for two years. We completed our first huge renovation while raising two young boys and working. All that’s left to do now is invite friends and family around for dinner parties!

Big love

Connie x

2 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Renovation | Part Two

  1. Hi Connie
    Your kitchen looks amazing! I LOVE it! I was really looking forward to seeing this one finished, with the whites, concrete and matte black finishes (definitely my style) lots of people are scared to use black handles and sinks but you nailed it! Very exciting time for you both and so so happy you get to enjoy your gift to yourselves!
    Hats off kitchens.


    1. Hi Jenna,
      I’m so thrilled to hear you love it! We can’t thank the team at Hats Off enough, you all were so amazing to us throughout the whole process. The black sink was a risk but I knew it would go perfectly in our space. We have another project in mind that we’d love to use you guys for – we will absolutely be in contact!


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