Kyle’s Nursery Change Up 

For my Instagram followers, you’ll know I’ve been contemplating changing Kyle’s mint and black wall for quite some time now. The pop of mint hasn’t felt like its the right colour for Kyle, his space and his personality. The bright pop of colour reminds me of a loud, vibrant, out there personality. Kyle is completely the opposite to this. He’s such a calm, laid back, quiet soul. He’s loving his cuddles more and more, loves to snuggle up on a pile of cushions with a book, loves his teddys and toys and loves to play peek a boo in his teepee when I’ve got it set up.

I’ve been adding boho/tribal vibes in Kyles room over the past couple of months to give that calmer vibe, so I was able to reuse many pieces for his  new room but the mint wall, it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Hubby kept telling me to hold off and wait until I redo his room into a big boy room. So I waited, but couldn’t wait any longer. I chose out some paint colours and bam, Kyle had a whole new room feel within 2 days. I ain’t the kind of girl to mess around. When I’ve decided on something and know that’s it, I’ve got to have it done. Yep, that means the kitchen process is killing me haha!

On my personal venture to rediscover myself after a rocky few years with family issues, I committed myself to getting in touch with my soul and Mother Nature. In doing this has had many ventures exploring local parks, beaches, bush lands, lakes, all with baby Kyle in tow. When we are driving to these places, Kyle literally starts happy screaming with a smile from ear to ear, his legs are kicking with excitement and he squeals so happily. Seeing the ocean ahead, or the lake, it brings a happiness over him that we only see in this time. At the park or in the bush, he loves to explore and touch everything. Watching the ducks, pointing and squealing at them swim around, Kyle absolutely shines with personality when we are out with nature. I like to think that on my venture to self discovery has helped shaped Kyle into this nature loving, free spirited little human.

So with this, it was easy for me to decide what colours and theme suit Kyles personality for him new room. I’ve kept the whole room neutral and earthy with a pop of mustard, bringing in elements of nature and animals to create a space for Kyle to spend his toddler years in. My plan is when he no longer needs a cot and transitions into a big boy bed, I can easily swap the two pieces over with the room already being completed.

On our walk last weekend on the Girrakool Piles Loop Track, I kept an eye out for a branch to bring home for Kyles room. I wanted to create a feature with this branch above his cot. I’ve securely mounted it from the roof and weaved artificial ivy around it. I’ve also got my fav Zilvi feather bunting hanging with a Zilvi “Kyle” name plaque and Lion & Lamb Kids boho arrows. Having the branch in his room brings a real element of nature into the space and reminds our family of the memories we made on our bush walk that weekend.

With the feature wall, I’ve swapped the mint and black for two neutral tones. I’ve gone with Whispering Wind for the secondary colour and used Canyon Trail for the accent colour. The dominant colour for his room has remained the same, to be consistent with our home, a shade of grey called Twill. All colours by Taubmans.

I’ve switched all the furniture around, with the cot on the opposite side of the room, and the drawers on the other. I’ve permenantly set up Kyle’s teepee in one corner with cushions for his snuggle time. He already loves cuddling into the cushions and playing peek a boo! I’ve dressed the teepee with artificial ivy vines, a Zilvi name plaque and the feather crown from Eadie & Ezra that Kyle wore in his first birthday. The mustard round cushion is from Essi & Co and the grey felt cloud rug by Cloud Den.

I’ve adjusted the positioning of Kyles leather strap shelf from Interior Motivies and made it off set to the wall. I’ve got lots of gorgeous handmade pieces sitting up on his shelf that we absolutely adore. As with on top of the chest of drawers. I keep all our favourite pieces up until Kyle develops the gentle sense of play, as right now, he lovessss to be a bit rough haha! Fingers crossed he grows out of throwing all his toys around the room!

Beside the teepee, I’ve made a bookshelf wall using The Timba Trend book shelves in leather and mustard. Having these shelves beside the teepee will be perfect for story/snuggle time. Also beside the teepee, I’ve got a mini teepee from Henry & Arlo for Kyle to do imaginary play with. I’ve set up a few toy animals inside the mini teepee to initiate play. I’ve got two of the mini teepees in Kyles new room and they are made so beautifully.

One Mumma who went above and beyond for me is My Little Cheif. She rushed through an order me for so I could complete Kyles nursery quicker than the turn around times. Her stunning boho feather bunting is the perfect addition to the space, adding that earthy and animal element. I also have a Moon print from her range hanging beside the cot.

Kyle’s room has such a relaxing, calming vibe to it now. I find myself in there so much through out the day, for no other reason than to look around. Changing up his space has made a huge impact not only to his room but the overall feel of the home. I’m incredibly proud of how my vision has turned out. I may just move myself in there too.

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