Our Kitchen Renovation | Part One

When we bought our home in 2014, the kitchen was by far the worst room in the home. Think yellow bench tops, brown cabinets, oven that didn’t work, stove top that didn’t work completely, water rotted shelves, pink lino flooring. Yep she was a real treat. We gave the kitchen a make over to get us through a few years while we saved to do our new kitchen. [See blog post Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover for more makeover inspiration ]

Our kitchen was like a little box with doorways coming off it from almost every wall. Three door ways! We knew some had to go to be able to design an open and functional kitchen but boy did it take us a long time to finally agree that yes, this is the wall to take out and these are the door ways to get rid of. We ended up having two load bearing walls engineered and taken out, closed up one door way completely and got rid of another in preparation for where our existing bench would go. We sourced three hardwood beams to use for our load bearing walls. The building recyclers were great explore and look for timber, however we ended up going to a timber mill and having our pieces cut specifically to sizes we needed. The timber mill was also much cheaper than the building recyclers – go figure!

With incorporating the beams into our design, the inspiration was hard to grasp. We wanted them exposed, then we didn’t want the top two exposed, then we did. It was hard committing to a decision because we didn’t want to regret it later. After looking at @littledwellings kitchen, we were able to get our heads around the beam design and had a plan.

[ Photo credit: Kate Sparks of Little Dwellings]

We had a friend who is a gyprocker by trade come in and do our plaster work for us. This was something my husband was going to do but we decided on getting a professional in and we’ve never been so happy on one decision! The level of quality is amazing. The plaster is currently on its final layer and will be sanded back ready for paint in a couple of weeks [ gyprocker friend has gone to Fiji! Lucky ducks ].

So now, the time has come where we’ve scraped together every dollar we could save and we are now planning our dream kitchen. We’ve searched locally for a kitchen installer – some where absolute rubbish and others just more expensive than others. After several kitchen meetings with various companies, it was Hats Off Kitchens that we felt could bring our dream kitchen to life. The level of customer service was a key point that stood out to us. They are prompt, listened to our wants and needs, didn’t forget any details, would call when they said they would, gave us inspiration and ideas we didn’t even think of. And after four plans, we’ve finalised one and are going ahead! In three weeks, demo will start and in four weeks, the installation process starts. Yippee!

To give you an idea of the style we are going with, think matte black, crisp white, concrete and texture.

We purchased two concrete pendants from Beacon Lighting to go above our long bench. Aren’t they divine. We will also be having a concrete bench top and concrete floor tiles. To add a bit of pop, we are having a matte black mixer tap which we purchased from Bunnings. We looked at so many taps and wow are they expensive! We were looking at $700+ for a matte black tap. I seen an Instagram post by @these.sonny.days with a matte black tap. When asking her where she got hers from, I had to go look at the Bunnings range. And the savings were countable! We got our tap for $220!

We are still deciding on our splash back tiles. We are wanting white with texture. We love the look of these but are yet to find any like it so the hunt remains. Luckily splash back tiles are one of the last things to go in!

Before we spoke to anyone about helping with the design of our kitchen, we already knew what we wanted. So we thought anyway. We wanted a 900mm wide oven, a dish drawer, large white marble look floor tiles, marble bench tops [I wanted that to be our splurge item], five element cooktop, underbench sink, matte black tap.

We were told dish drawers don’t work as good because they don’t have as many water spouts. Plus they were priced far more than a dishwasher. Again – go figure! Also with an underbench sink, the stone is more likely to chip while washing up or when kids put their dishes into the sink so we decided against that. Which turned my love to the matte black sink. Hubby wasn’t a fan to begin with but after a snapchat vote, I won haha! We also got some quotes on marble bench tops which came in more expensive than I’d hoped. The price for marble bench tops would be a holiday to Fiji for all my family, so I couldn’t justify it. No matter how much hubby told me to get what I want, some things just don’t sit right. With the 900m oven, we ended up going with 2 under bench ovens as a 900mm doesn’t actually fit that much more in them as we’d thought. Having two ovens means we can cater for parties and family dinner nights better. One oven can have dishes being kept warm while the other cooks away. For us, that will be a game changer for our family roast night. And the tiles, with deciding to not go marble bench tops, I’ve matched my bench top to my floor tiles so those tones tie in together.

Our new kitchen will be a galley style kitchen with white cabinetry, lots and lots of drawers, the over head cupboards will be to the ceiling, the pantry will be an oversized pantry of 1m wide, built in spice racks on the inside of the pantry door, we will have an induction cook top [if you haven’t heard of an induction cooktop like us, go see a demo in store. Had to have one! ], two under bench ovens with heat proof glass for the kids, a dishwasher [oh how I am eager for a dishwasher], hidden range hood, bin drawer, child proof microwave, concrete bench tops, concrete floor tiles which will also follow through into the laundry.

Needless to say, we are eager to have our new kitchen under way. Having it all come together like we have visioned is something we can’t wait to start living in.

One thought on “Our Kitchen Renovation | Part One

  1. I know where the perfect splashback tiles are for your kitchen!!!
    They’re white and textured – they look similar to a rough mosaic but no grout in between those tiny squares. I’ll DM you on IG.


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