Kyle Turns One

The day has come. My baby is turning one. An emotional day for many of us mummas. The realization that our baby isn’t that little baby anymore. The newborn smell is well and truly gone. They’re learning to walk, can say a handful of words, learning to feed themselves.. Yep, the baby stage is gone. But our babies turning one is something that needs celebrating. So I planned a small party here at home with family and close friends to celebrate baby Kyle turning one.

Thinking up ideas for a first birthday is a hard one. The idea of hiring a jumping castle was thrown around but I didn’t feel like that was really something for Kyle. We talked about holding it at a reserve with a park. Again, I wasn’t so sure for first birthday. Kurt had his first birthday at home, and being the sentimental freak I am, I wanted Kyle to have the same. The idea of a petting zoo was mentioned, and I loved it. I emailed numerous petting zoo businesses and hit luck with finding one here on the Central Coast. They’re a petting zoo based at Narara Nursery and were more than willing to offer a mobile service for our party, bringing baby farm animals to our home for the children to pat and feed. It was also an educational experience for the children, the staff would constantly be teaching the kids facts about the animals. Who knew lambs had two stomachs? I was gobsmacked haha!

I can’t recommend Fur & Feathers Petting Zoo enough. The experience was unforgettable and all the children got involved. Contact the staff to organise a party at their petting zoo in Narara or talk to them about their mobile service. Find them on Facebook.
For the cake, my sister in law is a creative genius with this stuff. She’s done some courses and makes all the children in the family their cakes. Makes all the more special. So I had a chocolate and vanilla layer cake with buttercream created topped with a Zilvi cake topper and fresh gumnut leaves and babies breath from Oliveris Florist.

Whenever my boys birthdays come around, I can’t help but put on my old events styling cap back on, and create a beautiful party for them. Yes. I’m THAT mum haha! Some people think throwing an “extra agent” party is showy and unnessecary but for me it’s putting in that little extra love and memories for my boys and their friends. So a desserts/savory table was a must. I’ve kept some of my old wares from my old business so I can always have them at hand for these occasions. Out they came from the cupboard and I decorated it with bits from around the house and some things I picked up from the cheapy store.

For the food, I didn’t want to load up on unhealthy and sugary foods. Yes there needs to be some sugary unhealthy food because after all it is a party. But I wanted there to be options.

Snacks were popcorn, lamingtons, fruit, bowl of lollies.

For lunch we served some mini hot dogs, mini quiche, a bowl of chicken nuggets and wraps. Every party I order a pinwheels platter from Woolworths. It is the best value for money – $38 for a huge platter of freshly made deli meat and salad wraps.

I made my own food labels with gift tags I found in the dollar store and some Popsicle sticks.

We have a small jumping castle we get out from time to time for the boys. We bought it 4 years ago for Kurt’s second birthday and it’s still going. So we set that up for the day for the little kids to play on.

And what’s a party without lolly bags! I kept them basic and old school, filling them with the good stuff from the cheapy stores and a few sweets.

Kyle’s party was just perfect. The whole day ran so smoothly. Except for lunch – we may have under catered for our guests. Worst thing ever. We were sure we had enough food for our guests but turns out we didn’t. Or maybe our guests were just total scavengers? Haha! No, I’m sure we were at fault for that one. Definitely over catering next time! Usually we have so much left overs, but today that was not the case. Sorry friends and family.

Kyle wore a Marlow and Mae romper and a Eadie and Ezra feather crown.

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