A Shift In Lifestyle | Part II

Nine weeks of eating well, keeping active and learning about better foods, I am now the proud owner of my pre baby body. Can I get a hell yeah! Although, I say my pre baby body and still disagree. My pre baby body didn’t have a mark in sight. I wish I could say I didn’t have a single stretch mark but being pregnant with Kyle gave me a few. They’re nothing to cry over for many women, but for me, I’m learning to like them and am using Frank Bod body cream every day to help fade them. The good news though, in nine weeks I’ve lost 5.6kgs and am feeling amazing! Hello pre baby weight again. I still want to lose 2 more kilos but am happy to do that in time by staying active and eating well.

Now the hard part – to maintain it. From stories I’ve heard, that is where we come unstuck. So ive done my research, listened to snap chats from Mums who lead healthy lifestyles and give tips (Sophie Guidolin, Sheridyn Fisher and Jordy from Life with Winter) read nutrition labels and compared them to others. Based on my research, this is how I plan to keep myself, my family and our lifestyle happy and healthy (Note that I am not a health nutritionist by any means – this is based on my knowledge of reading labels and friends/family experiences/recommendations. Everyone’s journey and body is different).

When I first started this change, I read that a healthy lifestyle is 80% what is on your fork and 20% exercise. This has been burnt into my brain. So for me, I would have to agree. I’ve done most part of my change based on this and it’s paid off.

Take out is the enemy in my home. I don’t want to give it up but I won’t be letting it back in on a regular basis. We love a good dinner date out at Grill’d with my brother and his girl, love a tray of hot chips with chicken salt, we are human after all. Giving up everything will only lead to failure for us. I still eat lollies, chocolate, hot chips, a burger and a pie. The key is moderation. You can still enjoy food. But in moderation. And I’ve learnt that there are a few small changes you can make in your home and cooking that can make all the difference.
What I’ve swapped in my kitchen:

Pasta: We no longer cook pasta – instead we swap our pasta for zoodles. If your haven’t heard of zoodles, give them a go! Zoodles are zucchini noodles. Made from zucchinis and pan cooked in coconut oil with Himalayan salt and cracked pepper. Cutting out pasta means no carbs. A much healthier alternative for pasta. They taste absolutely delish and the texture is just like slippery noodles. Kurt and Kyle both love zoodles – winning! Find my Zoodles recipe in the recipe section.

Cooking oil: We would use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I thought that was the best cooking oil for our bodies. Turns out coconut oil is even better. I have swapped our cooking oil for Planet Food coconut cooking oil found in the health food section of the supermarket. The jar I buy is refined, dairy free, gluten free and vegan. Although I am not vegan, I do make vegan choices where I can.

Butter: One thing I could never get my head around was the whole butter/margarine thing. I can’t tell the difference between the two. I had no idea what was best used for what. Turns out I was using the most unhealthy margarine instead of a healthy butter. I’ve swapped to a dear $7.00 tub of Flora Pro Activ but to me, it’s an investment into our bodies. Flora Pro Activ, is clinically proven to actively lower cholesterol absorbtion in your body and is low in calories, sodium, sugars and carbs. It has a 4.5 health star rating and the national heart tick approval.

Bread: I use to buy the Coles multigrain loaf. I have since discovered Helga’s Lower Carb Soy & Toasted Seasame loaf. I am a HUGE lover of seedy bread and this one is delish! This loaf has 25% less carbs compared to other multi grain loaves and is low GI and high in protein. Bread can be a killer for many people, so choosing bread wisely is smart option to maintaining your weight.

Snacks: This is where I have wised up hugely. At first, I felt as though I was sacrificing the enjoyment of eating delicious food and that I was missing out. Honestly, it took me a good few weeks for my body to start craving the healthier food options instead of the bad. I’ve swapped all my snacks for foods found in the health food section yet again – a section of the supermarket I use to walk straight through! I am now the proud owner of the health food section haha!

My snack swaps:
Chips: Instead of smiths or doritio chips, I have discovered delicious – and I mean delicious, Hommus Chips. They are fairly low in calories (for a chip), low sugar,carbs and sodium isn’t too bad either. They’re also vegetarian. These are now one of my staple pantry items. I did cringe at the price – $5.00 for a 120g bag of chips but again, I see this is an investment in your body.

Biscuits: I’ve never been a biscuit person, but with my eating changes I have also changed Kurt’s lunch box snacks. I found Itsy Bitsy Bears by Orgran in the health food section and Kurt absolutely loves them. As do I. They are vegan chocolate chip cookies and in my opinion, taste better than the others.

Muesli: Another snack option I have added to my pantry – and again I just love them! Think Food pistachio and cranberry munch bites. Ahhhhh – mazingg! They have the 4 star health rating, vegan, low carbs, low sodium, low sugar and just all over delicious.

Milk: As soon as I went on my lifestyle change, the first thing I swapped was my milk. I’ve been cow’s milk free for nine weeks. All I can stomach now is Almond Milk. I do find it tricky going to cafe’s for a coffee as many don’t offer almond milk but I will get a soy latte and don’t mind the taste of that. Almond milk is low carbs, low calories, low fat, high calcium and low sodium. It’s also the vegan option which I love.

Chocolate: When I’m wanting a chocolate fix I whip up my Choc Banana shake in the thermomix. It’s made of real ingredients and hits the spot everytime. Find my Choc Banana Shake recipe in the recipe section.

Yoghurt: A game changer is swapping yoghurt for greek yoghurt. I’ve found that one hard. But I do love Chobani’s yoghurt range.

Dinner: When it comes to dinner I use my thermomix most nights, so I’m seeing every ingredient that goes in. Where I can I substitute ingredients for a healthier alternative. That’s where my new healthier staple items come handy. We do baked dinners every Sunday, so here I’ll do my baked veggies in coconut oil and season them with the earth as I call it. Meaning anything the earth has grown. Fresh herbs, paprika, pepper, Himalayan salt.

Keeping Active

I’ve pulled back on how active I am now, but not dramatically. I would get out every day to second day in my first 7 weeks, now I’ve reached my goal weight I’ll get out 2-3 times a week for a brisk walk/run by the lake, go hiking on the weekend or a bike ride. It’s just about keeping it fun and mixing it up. Also making it more of a habit you enjoy rather than a chore. Through the week I try to walk Kurt to and from school. Most day I’m too time poor of a morning or it’s been too cold, but when the sun is out and I’ve got the time I’ll get the pram out and walk.

I love to get the family involved and get them active too. It will keep us all healthy and fit which is what I believe I owe my children. I need to teach them a healthy lifestyle through living it. That way they will know no better. It will end up coming naturally to them and I can only hope they continue to lead healthy lifestyles as they grow and eventually create their own families.

By making these smalls changes in my pantry to many of the staple items, I believe that’s got to be one of the vital things to ensuring I maintain my weight without the stress of having to “diet” again. Change up some of your staple pantry items and see if they make a difference to your way of living.

Big Love,
Connie x




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