We bought a vintage caravan!

Since our camping trip back in January earlier this year, my husband (Mannie but Mann for short) and I have talked on and off about buying an old school caravan, doing it up and taking the kids away spontaneously. We did the whole camping in tents which we loved, but with a baby, it was hard. Nap time was made difficult. The 43 degree weather didn’t help either. Try get your baby to have two naps a day in a hot tent. Won’t happen. Take them for a drive and do site seeing in the air conditioner. Lasted a whole 20 minutes before the over tiredness kicked in for baby Kyle and it was all over. So yes maybe a caravan could make it easier and more comfortable for a young family. For hubby and I to be able to put our reno hats back on kinda excited us too. We’d talk about it here and there and said one day we will do it. One day turned in to a very spontaneous, quick purchase that we didn’t see coming!

I’d just jumped out of the shower to find Mannie on eBay looking up caravans. He showed me one he’d found and it was ending on eBay in 27 minutes. We looked at the pictures, looked at each other and knew that was the one. We kept asking each other if we are sure we want to do this right now. We thought lets just be spontaneous and do it. There were a few questions we wanted to know first so Mann knocked on our neighbours door before bidding to get some answers as they own a caravan. We wanted to know things like rego, insurance, green slips. Happy with what we’d found out, we made one bid with 15 seconds left to go and won. The 1970 Viscount was ours.

Two days later, Mann met the owner in Goulburn to pick it up. The owner had drove up from Melbourne to deliver it to us. Upon Mann seeing it for the first time, he rings me in a panic saying he thinks this is too much of a project for us to take on. I’m feeling his hesitation and reconsidering if we should really be buying it. The inside needs a complete makeover and the outside needs a whole respray. It’s like someone had sprayed it with spray cans. After much procrastinating we decided to take it on. I nervously awaited hubby to bring home our new heap of shit. When he drove up our street my heart sunk. What the heck has he bought. It took me about an hour to warm to the idea and take it all in. Panadol helped here too haha! My head was throbbing. Our neighbours all came over and had a look. They loved it and said “I know what you are both capable of and I can see what this will be”. That got the spirits up.

We tested out the electricity, water, fridge and oven. Everything works perfectly! After a night of rain we checked for any leaks. All good! The dining seating also converts to a spacious kids bed, so both the boys will be able to sleep there comfortably. Pretty certain now we got a bargain! Here’s where knowing many trades comes in handy and having a husband who also isn’t afraid to have a go.

We didn’t waste any time. We planned out what we wanted to do. A replica of our home but this one on wheels. Soft muted tones, furnishings and fixtures that all coincide with our home. I get home sick far too easily so to make a home away from home surely has to help right?! I want the caravan to have a bit of a boho feel as well. Quick and easy fixes were first up on the to do list.

• New drawer handles

• New flooring

• Freshly painted walls and roof

• Paint the cupboards

• New curtains

• Frame up the sky lights

• Add skirting

• New kitchen tap and splash back

• Reupholster the cushions

• Paint the table

• Bigger fridge space and new fridge

• New double bed

• New power points and light switches


We also want to

• Repaint the exterior in a two tone semi gloss. Top half white, bottom half duck egg blue

• Put white wall tyres on

• Have a tv installed

• Replace exterior timber ledges with recycled hardwood

• Have fly screens made up for all windows

• A new door with a fly screen

• Make up some block out screens for the sky lights

So far we’ve ticked off most of our quick fix items. We started with the quick fix jobs first to give a higher impact quickly. I find if you get those kinds of jobs done first you start to envision the whole project easier. You see so many parts coming together and the momentum is going and spurs you on to keep going.

I’ve ordered a few handmade pieces for the caravan. Starting with a plaque from Zilvi saying “Oh, the places you’ll go” and she’s custom making me a boho map of Australia so we can mark off the places we’ve travelled. I’ve ordered a handmade boho dreamcatcher from Lion and Lamb Kids and I’ve started making a book rack from my collection at The Timba Trend also. Next to order is a jute rug. If you know of any boho items that would suit my caravan – let me know on instagram!

We plan to take our first holiday in it in September/October so our goal is to have the renovation completed by then. We’ve also been brainstorming a name for her. Manns choice is “The Doghouse” as it will be his second home when he’s in my bad books haha! My choice is “Memory Road” because it will hold many on the road memories for our family to last forever.

Stay tuned for Part 2 once it has been complete where I’ll provide all product details. Keep up to date via Instagram and snap chat! ( Insta: @theconniediaries Snapchat: thetimbatrend )

Big Love,

Connie x

2 thoughts on “We bought a vintage caravan!

  1. Wow! I’m in love with what you are creating.. A home away from home…. Nice name hah! Well done and how exciting for you and your family. I can’t wait for part 2… Thank you Mandie


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