TMix+ Magazine Review

A magazine purely for the owners of a thermomix. How long have I been wanting to see one of these! There’s all these cooking magazine’s with delicious recipes but none for thermomix users. I don’t know how many times (and how long) I’ve spent trying to variate a recipe that looks yummy into a thermomix user recipe. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I’ll blitz the chicken too long and it’s then mush. I’ll not blitz the vegetables enough and waste time trying again and again. Yes, the cook books for thermomix users are great but they are pricey. And some nights you just want to try something different instead of the usual. We want new recipes on a regular basis, variety of different foods, healthy clean recipes, pictures that get your attention and tummy grumbling, family friendly meals, quick and easy meals? Yep, I’m hearing you. I want that too. Let’s see if TMix+ has what we are looking for.

Flicking through issue 1 & 2 of TMix+ magazine and I’m seeing tips, interviews and recipes galore. Tips on cooking your bechamel sauce and how to maximize the flavour in your sauteing. I’m a big flavour cooker. If I can add in extra herbs, spices or garlic to maximize the flavour, I’ll do it. I’m not a bland cooker. Flavour is a must! So far I’m loving the section for reader recipes. A section dedicated to recipes from us here at home. This section allows us to get involved and show off our creations for other users to try.

With recipe books, I’m always quick to look at meals rather than the desserts. I’m not a baker by any means. Cook a cake, I’ll burn it. I won’t cook it long enough and it will collapse in the center. Or even better, I’ll nail it. It will come out perfectly golden but it will sit on the counter for days, with only one piece eaten and no more taken. I got the hint that time haha! But meals, that I can do! Issue 1 has 40+ recipes and Issue 2 has 50+ recipes. The magazine is $19.95 quaterly so you are absolutely getting value for money. Many of them are straight forward and don’t require a whole shopping basket full of ingredients to make – which is perfect. A lot of the recipes are made up of things you will find in your pantry and fridge – hello new staple recipes! I love a good “go – to” recipe for when you can’t work out what to cook and don’t want to make a trip to the supermarket for ingredients you don’t have.

Recipes cover all meal times. You’ve got delicious Scrambled Eggs for breakfast in only 10 minutes, lunch is a choice of Cauliflower Soup or Indochine Chicken Salad. And dinner is Sweet Corn & Chorizo Chowder or Smashed Cheeseburgers. Then feast yourself on some home made ice cream sandwiches ( Kreem-B-Tween) or Honey Ice Cream. Yum! There are so many recipes to choose from and all family friendly. The kids will love getting involved in helping make dinner.

There are also many interviews with chefs giving tips and knowledge on produce and how to get the best results of what you’re making. You may also learn and thing or two about how to store your eggs and why. I know I did! Who knew there would be so much to learn about food. And it’s all useful knowledge.

I’ve found Tmix+ magazine to be very informative on produce and foods that we’d want to know about. The variety  and amount of recipes suits everybody and are family friendly. Many are no fuss recipes which are perfect for working families also. A strange observation for some, but I love the quality of the magazine and pages. The cover is thick and the pages are quite thick also for magazine pages. They’re going to last the test of time without ripping easily.

TMix+ Magazine is available for subscription at Head over and get your copies, let me know which recipes you try!

Big love,

Connie x

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