A Shift in Lifestyle | Part 1

Being consumed by running a home business has it flaws. It takes up so much of your time and when you’re under the pump wanting orders out the door as quick as you can, you find yourself missing out on your life and a balanced lifestyle. It’s all work and no play. There’s no time to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your family and yourself. It’s unplanned dinner time for the family leading to a trip to the take away shop and no time for park hangs with the boys, beach walks, you name it. At least it was anyway. Until I took matters into my own hands and made changes to benefit myself and my family. Something had to change, and it needed to be for the better.

Our diet was poor. I’m talking a quick breakfast of toast, lunch was pies from the bakery or a quick throw together of whatever was in the fridge and dinner was drive thru fast food. This wasn’t every day but it was most days.

By no means do I mean we are obese, just time poor and lacking motivation to cook after a busy day. We have fairly good metabolisms (especially hubby, he will lose weight without trying ). Eating right and feeling good was a change we wanted to make for our wellbeing and to teach our kids the right tools in life. We also wanted to get family time back. The boys are only young for so long and it’s so important to instill priorities and family importance in them.

My husband was recently made redundant from his FIFO job, so having him home has been amazing but I swear he was the bad influence. All he thinks about is food. But all you need to say is KFC and I’m there. Being so busy with the business, school, sports and life, we literally had not a minute spare in our day for anything or anyone. We lacked any motivation and had no energy. Continually tired and exhausted to say the least. One day we wanted lunch in the workshop, we were run down, Kyle was asleep and I mentioned the delish salad and chicken rolls that the local bakery makes. Hubby was on his way to pick up two. After eating them, we literally felt like we had been bought back to life. All the healthy and clean food we had eaten honestly made a world of difference. They were huge salad and chicken rolls jam packed with everything. After that, we said to each other, we need to eat like that more. So from then on, that’s what we’ve done.

Before falling pregnant with Kyle, I weighed 57kgs and have since weighed 63kgs. Not much, I know. But I’ve always said I’ll be one to go back to my pre baby weight. 8 months later and I ain’t there yet. So I made myself a promise, and for the past three weeks that’s exactly what I’ve been working on. I made a promise to love myself enough to nourish myself right and reconsider what I put in my mouth.

In my first week I lost 1.3kgs. I was that pleased with myself. My second week I did the yoyo, gaining what I had lost. During my second week, I had a treat night going out with friends for dinner and drinks. I wasn’t at all conscious of what I was going to eat or drink that night. It was treat night. Judging by the hangover I had the next day, I’d definitely had too much alcohol. I regretted that big time. Go forward a week and I’d stuck to my diet and exercise plan and I’d lost  1.6kgs. THANK.GOD! Safe to say I won’t be having any alcohol or pulled pork tacos for a while! 5 days later, hubby insisted I do a weigh in. I weighed myself and 100g gain read on the scales. I cried like a baby. I was craving KFC like you wouldn’t believe. My body was hating me. I wanted bad food. Food that was greasy, salty and all round bad for you. My mood wasn’t pleasant either. Hangry was an understatement. I was questioning myself and wondering why I’m doing this for. “We only live once right, eat whatever you want then Connie. Who cares!” I was telling myself. Trying to justify my feelings and cravings to myself. My neighbour knocked at the door and seen my dreadful and embarrassing state. “100g would just be fluid, don’t beat yourself up over that” She convinced me to stay strong and to cook that lemon chicken and salad for dinner. She not long ago won a fitness challenge, abs and all. One of the fittest female body’s I’ve seen in person! Her words gave me the motivation to stick it out and keep going. She told me, the first few weeks are hard, week six people will question you asking if you’ve lost weight, week eight you yourself will see the difference and by week ten you’re laughing and your body is use to it’s new routine. So stay focused and keep on keepin’ on was the only option. That night after a nourishing and yummy home cooked dinner, I was thanking every bone in my body for having the strength to say no to my body’s cravings and eat real food instead.

Now exactly 3 weeks in, I’ve lost a total of 4.1kgs. Yippee! And boy can I notice it. My khaki jeans do up without the muffin top, I don’t feel like a slob in tight shirts, I’m noticing my tummy getting slimmer and my face too.

So now, you may be wondering what I’m doing to get me back to my pre baby weight and how I’m tackling living a healthy lifestyle. I’ll share it with you, I don’t like keeping secrets anyway.

Nourish yourself

Breakfast will be a protein smoothie in the thermomix, made up of almond milk, honey, blueberries, strawberries, banana and LSA. Some mornings I’ll have fried egg (no yolk) with garlic mushroom on toast to change it up. I’ve even made up delicious smoothie bowls.

Morning and afternoon snacks will be oat slice, apricot balls, pistachios, corn thins with ham and alfalfa sprouts, or saladas with fried garlic mushroom kale and avocado, fresh juice, fruit.

Lunch is a salad and cold meat sandwich on multigrain bread, sushi or a wrap with salad and salmon.

Come 2.30-3pm and I’m lacking motivation so I’ll have my one cup of coffee with almond milk (no sugar).

Dinners are lemon chicken with boiled eggs (no yolk) and salads – ones like brocolli salad, chopped vegetable salad from the thermomix. I’ll also do our usual dinners like apricot chicken, cacciatore, steamed veg, mashed sweet potatoes (no butter, only a dash of milk), I’ll just watch my portion sizes.

Dessert if I need it is a milo with almond milk.

The last day, I’ve also borrowed my neighbours Sophie Guidolin cook books – all clean and nutritious recipes without sacrificing the flavour. I’ve made up a heap of the recipes and love them that much that I’ve order both of her books Eat Clean, Live Lean & What My Kids Eat. By now I’m able to convert recipes to be created in the thermomix so I can still get full use from my machine.

Get moving

My exercise routine isn’t too strenuous as I’m not at all a fitness freak. So I’m easing myself into being active with workouts every second day. The gym scene isn’t for me, I need to be out in the open, out with nature and the fresh air, I like being with my family and my thoughts. Riding by the lake and hearing the bell birds sing, walking along the lake and picking/smelling wild flowers along the way. Kurt will even stop and pick flowers for me in every colour of the rainbow.

I’ll do 6.5km bike rides along the lake or walk with the pram. On my non workout day I’ll do a 30minute yoga routine at home from a DVD when Kyle sleeps. When I’m able to take extra time out of my day, I’ll find a peaceful place at home, turn on some relaxation music and meditate. If for some reason my day gets away on me and I can’t make it out for a walk or ride, I’ll do 10 minutes with the skipping rope at home.

I’m still in the early stages of my lifestyle change but now that I’ve had a taste of the nutritious food, lifestyle and we can’t forget the feeling of losing weight – I won’t be turning back. I plan to maintain my current lifestyle plan for many reasons. Feeling good within yourself, nourishing your body right, nourishing your children right, teaching them the best lifestyle tools, and being an active family – together. It gives you family time out in the fresh air. I love my walks and rides with the boys and knowing you’re all getting something out of the activity. After all, we are our children’s greatest teachers.

To be continued….

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