Getting back to basics

I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions. I never seen the need. I never seen the point. Life is life, just go with it. But after a rocky past two years dealing with and accepting my parents divorce, I needed to take my life back in my own hands. For my children’s sake, my husbands sake, and most of all, my sake. The drama needed to end. 

Dealing with your parents divorcing doesn’t get easier just because you’re an adult. If anything, I think it was made harder. It’s been a messy one, with all of us getting hurt. I understood what was going on. As a child you’re oblivious. Not understanding what is happening 100 percent. I’m a wife and a mother. So the hurt that was being caused, I just could not comprehend. It was draining, it was a headache after another headache. Tears after more tears. Heartbreak and heartbreak. Growing up I was close with both my parents. Which is probably why I’m so family orientated these days. But now I’ve learnt to live independently. I guess you could say I grieved the loss of my mother the past two years. The day she left my father, was the day she left a huge hole in our family. She was my eldest son Kurt’s favourite person. I had to make the gut wrenching decision to say no more to stop the pain and stress on my life and family.

With that, I needed an outlet. I needed something to keep my mind clear. To stop my mind wandering into those overthinking thoughts while working. I needed to find my inner peace in order to deal with what life has thrown at me. I’ve always found there to be a calm in nature. With no hesitation I made the world around me become my inner peace. The simple things, like not even leaving the house, just choosing a peaceful time of the day and sitting barefoot in the grass alone, just listening to nature. The trees. The birds. The wind. Watching the branches sway in the wind. Watching the birds glide past. When in the house plotting around I always have the windows open, letting in the fresh air and having candles burning. I’ve been trying my hand at water colour painting. Though being arty is not at all my strong point, I do love to get creative and love watercolour. I started simple with just simple circles, feathers and a watermelon. First go went pretty good.

IMG_9786 (2)

On weekends, we are all about family time as our weeks are so busy with work, sports and school. So weekend’s became another way of finding my inner peace but keeping it fun for the kids. We will pack our bikes into my husbands Ute and go for long rides along the lakeside. We will pack a picnic and spend hours at the beach, standing in the water, playing in the sand, teaching Kurt to surf. My husband has been giving me guitar lessons. I’ve been swinging away in the hammock watching the clouds. A new favourite has been exploring fishing spots. Again with a picnic lunch packed and with my siblings and friends. One that my husband insisted on me doing was camping. I had never been camping. The only camping I had done was camping in my backyard growing up and waking up cold and wet from the dew. But I went with it, and we went camping at Anna Bay for four days. I will admit there is something soothing about waking up with nature. That had to be my favourite part.


I read up on “Earthing” after seeing an instagram post from @steviepallister about how she takes time out of her day to do earthing. It left me curious and I googled Earthing. They say even five minutes out of your day spent barefoot with the earth can do wonders for your body. It’s like a natural medicine. So I kick my shoes off every time I step out onto the grass now. I’ve even stopped nagging at Kurt to put his shoes on all the time! Ha!


I’ve been getting back to basics for almost two months and already I can feel the difference within myself. My husband can see it. Any drama that comes up I am quick to shrug off and say “it’s not worth my energy”. Once you find your inner peace, it’s like a repelant. The feeling of being so calm, harmonious and carefree is something you don’t want to lose. You’ve got to want it as well. You’ve got to want to rid the drama. You’ve got to want a happy, healthy life. I’ll be doing everything within my power to keep me there. When you take time out of your day to stop and breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the simple things, you realize how beautiful a world it is we live in. You become thankful for the littlest of things. It’s a humble way to live.


Connie x

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